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Student Accommodation in Gemany

If you want to study at a German University, you will have to arrange your own accommodation. In some cities that can be quite difficult, so it's a good idea to start searching for somewhere to live early on. Accommodation for students can be a major challenge in Germany, however, RocApply together with its partners is attempting to rectify the situation by offering students the ability to search, find and reserve accommodation through the platform.

Renting basics

The monthly rent for a flat is subdivided into two; Kaltmiete and Warmmiete. Kaltmiete, or basic rent, is the part of your rent that covers the use of one or many rooms. Adding the costs for waste collection, water, gas, heating and other amenities in the house, the so-called Nebenkosten, or utility costs, offers you the Warmmiete, or total rent. You will also almost always be required to pay a Kaution, or deposit, which usually amounts to three times your monthly basic rent and designed as security for your landlord. The deposit is returned when you move out, if you leave the flat in good/initial condition.

Germany offers a diversified range of accommodation options including but not limited to dormitories, apartments, condos etc.

Single Accommodation

For individuals who prefer to have privacy then a single accommodation setup is the best choice and the prices vary for this particular setup.

Double Accommodation

For those who prefer to have someone to share thoughts with, discuss your daily experiences considering that university life is not only about classes but the ability to network. The prices are more favorable compared to a single accommodation setup up

Triple Accommodation

It’s the cheapest of the 3 types of Accommodation. The good thing about triple accommodation is that it gives you an opportunity to interact with people who are from different cultural backgrounds with different views and perspectives.

You can book your accommodation directly though RocApply here.

Option 1: Student residence

Student residences often provide the most affordable accommodation for scholars. Many university towns have several of them. You live in a house with others and share certain rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen. The rent depends on the location, size and amenities. In the student residences run by student services a room costs on average 250 EUR per month. Because these rooms are very popular, it is advised to secure your place early on. More than 45% of international students who come to Germany move into a student residence.

Pros and cons include include,

  • Low cost,
  • Interaction with other students
  • Little privacy
  • High demand for this type of accommodation

Option 2: Flatshares

If you do not want to move into a student residence or don't manage to get a room there, you can move into a flatshare where many students stay in a privately rented flat. The kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a living room are used communally, but each flatmate has their room. Costs for rent, electricity and Internet are shared. This form of cohabitation is one of the most popular among young people in Germany: over 25% of students in Germany live in a flatshare. On average, students pay 370 EUR per month for a room in a shared flat.

Here are the pros and cons,

  • Affordable
  • Contact with local and international students
  • Compromises in using the shared flat

Option 3: Own flat

If you prefer to live alone, you can rent A flat. This is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive form of accommodation here. Students pay on average 390 EUR per month for their own flat.

  • Plenty of freedom
  • privacy
  • High costs
  • little day-to-day interaction with other students

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