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Nightlife in Germany

Germany has an eclectic blend of entertainment avenues, but high-end bars are of the greatest abundance.  The Deutschland is best known for its luxury lifestyle, exemplified by its many skyscrapers and countless designer boutiques.  This running theme of glitz and glamour extends into the nightlife scene where guest lists, cover charges, VIP events, bottle and table service are to be expected to span at full force.            

When you're in a big city such as the caital, Berlin, on nights out the big cities call for a dressing to the nines. While fully packed up with the western nightlife choices, Germany's night scene has quite a unique personality of its own. There is such a lot to try and do and in this country ranging from vocalizing, disco dancing and acrobatic shows to dinner shows, western-style pubs and clubs. Germany is multicultural, consequently, multiple activities influence  the nightlife making it different and mixed, interesting and eclectic.

The diverse nightlife in Germany makes it appropriate and completely conducive for different individuals with distinct interests and tastes. When darkness falls, big cities will ensure that that you have plenty of colorful selects. There is vast to enjoy, from pubs, clubs, cafes and snack markets with vast and plentiful of entertainment scenes. You will not feel lonely of activity in the night in this awesome country.

When talking about beer in Germany, the scope for conversation is simply unlimited. But what many foreigners do not know is that there are only a few national beer brands, one being Warsteiner, and the rest are basically local brews. Each city or town prides itself in its own flavor, which is what the locals drink. Head to a brewery in any German city or village for the best treats and drinks. In Frankfurt, Binding-Brauerei ; in Berlin, Lindenbräu and in Munich, the famous Hofbräuhaus are must-sees. These major breweries are complemented by lots of micro-breweries scattered about.

The major cities, such as Frankfurt and Berlin, also have a wide choice of international bars and pubs, most of which open until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. Many cater to the ex-pat community, but are also popular with German locals and visitors. In Frankfurt, homesick Britons flock to the Fox and Hound (Niedenau 2, Frankfurt) or the Anglo Irish for a British pub or pint. Americans in Frankfurt can grab a beer, burger, and fries at Sam’s Sportsbar.

In Berlin, visitors will find the widest range of nightlife venues in Germany. There’s everything from traditional pubs and techno dances, to rock clubs and more. Many of the popular bar and clubs are located in the Mitte district, such as Kitkatclub and Asphalt Club. In Friedrichshain, travelers will find more hip venues, such as Spindler & Klatt and Club Maria. Closer to the old East German border is the hip club Berghain.


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