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 COVID-19 Germany Update

To appreciate how the German Higher Education System reacted to the spread of the virus, there are some organizational things you should informed about. Germany has got a federalist political system: There are sixteen states, that are in charge of passing regulations regarding the universities in each of these states. Therefore, regulations put in place may differ slightly from region to the other.

Adding to that, each university has the free will to individually adopt policies that allow them to react appropriately to the on-going pandemic situation. It is consequentially essential that students check directly on their university websites which rules and regulations have been effected and how they may affect them.

Despite the latter, there are still nationally-binding constraints in relation to practices adoptable within Germanys especially these linked to travel. Social-distancing as the new order of the day globally is being adopted  and has heavily affected university life.

Studies lately have been a mix of virtual and in-person studies, depending on the respective Covid-19 policies as per the respective state and university.  As RocApply we are constantly sending newsletters to our students on the prevalent situation and remember to subscribe to access one.

Albeit, our best advice is to confirm directly on the university website how your university will structure upcoming semesters. For more information relating on specific subjects in this regard students are open to send us mails on [email protected] specifying COVID 19 UPDATE on the subject, our team is readily available to assist.

*This is an official public statement from RocApply Germany  and its partner institutions.



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