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Student Blocked Account in Germany

What is a Student Blocked Account?

This is a special kind of bank account for international students in Germany, to deposit the required amount of money to cover all their living expenses for one year and serves as a proof of financial sustanance when applying for a German student visa. This is very important because you can't access the Germany study VISA without the proof of financial resources as mandated by the local recruitment policy for international students.

How much is the Blocked Account in Germany?

At the moment, the mandatory sum needed by the embassy that must be deposited to the blocked bank accountby the student is €10,332. Once the student starts their first semester here, they can withdraw an amount of €861 per month. This may be confusing to many students to apprehend at first glance but the essence of the funds is to ensure student financial sustanance over the intended period of study.

How to open the Blocked Account in Germany?

Once you have applied and enrolled withany one of the Germany universities you will be liable to apply for the blocked account . It is advised to take caution during this process due to sensitivity of electronic transfers especially because a considerable amount of money is involved.

The following documents are necessary to open the Student Blocked Account in Germany:

  • Valid passport
  • University Admission letter
  • Application Form
  • A bank statement that proves you have the required funds to open a blocked account
  • A prepaid fee

NOTE: You may be required to submit additional documents, depending on the bank provider and your country of origin. Not all banks in Germany offer the possibility of opening a blocked account for international students, since the law does not require them to do so. It is totally dependant on the bank whether they wish to offer this service or not.

What happens if my VISA applicatiionisrejected with theblocked account fund?

In the event that your visa application is rejected you will have to submit a document either from the local German immigration office, which proves the deblocking of your account or sometimes the original notice of rejection for the visa application, stamped by the German embassy or consulate. These can be send by mail or email depending on the blocked account services provider.

Which are the best banks giving Blocked Account Services for students in Germany?

  • Fintiba
  • Expatrio
  • Coracle
  • DeutscheBank

Important to note: RocApply team is a seasoned partner in helping students acquire their blocked accounts in Germnay. You are therefore adviced to contact us once you have received  the offer/admission letter. This privillege however is open to those who apply via this platform and is given as an additional free service to our valued student community.

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