Masuku University of Science and Technology

Masuku University of Science and Technology

Masuku University of Science and Technology

Number of students
500€ - 700€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 18, June 10
Application Deadline
18 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

At RocApply, we ensure that you get the best choice for studying abroad. We have established partnerships with many leading universities around the world, including the American University of North Africa in Tunisia.

All applications to the university are made online through our very direct online application service. Applicants can fill in the application form and upload the required documents from one source to our platform.


All programs taught at AUNA, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are fully accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved both.

Currently, AUNA is offering 4 Fundamental Licence Programs (Undergraduate Degrees) covering the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Business Management).

At the Graduate level, we offer 3 Professional master’s degrees in the following areas: Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance & Business Analytics, Risk Management, Electronic Business & Digital Marketing.

In order to keep up with the changes and new trends in the job market, AUNA always seeks to improve and update their curriculae and provide new programs for the students. 

** You can also introduce the part of our new campus and put pictures, I can also send you a 3D Video. Otherwise I suggest that we add our ‘’Video Q and A’’ above the part “ Auna – school of business on social media ‘’

Undergraduate Admissions

To apply to any undergraduate programs, the applicant needs to submit the following documents to be considered for admission:

  • Official high school transcript(s).
  • Official Baccalaureate Score.
  • Official Baccalaureate Certificate or Equivalent Diploma.
  • A photocopy of the Identity Card or Passport (should be the same as the nationality used in the registration process).
  • One recent passport-size colored photo.
  • Undergraduate Application Form

 Auna Campus 2

The above documents should be submitted to RocApply:

By E-mail (scanned form) to [email protected]

Note: All the submitted documents become the property of the university and will not be returned.The applicant will then go through the remaining steps of the application process: the English Proficiency Admission test (EPAT) and the interview.


Graduate Admissions

The basic criteria for determining the eligibility to enter the "special" graduate program of the business school:

  • 1. Previous academic achievements.
  • 2. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) performance
  • 3. English proficiency test

For students whose mother tongue is not English and the teaching language of undergraduates is not English, they will be graded through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or take the on-site AUNA English test.

  • 4. Complete a Bachelor of Business Administration

Complete an undergraduate degree in business management (candidates who are not majors in business must complete the prerequisites for graduate courses)

  • 5. Work experience and career development

For applications in the “private” business school graduate program, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Graduate Application Form on RocApply
  • Official transcripts of undergraduate degree programs will be sent directly to the admissions office
  • Obtain a certified copy of an educational or professional certificate
  • Recommendations from two professors familiar with past academic performance. In addition, if applicants have consistent work experience, they must submit proof of employment.
  • Official scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the ENTR (EPAT) of AUNA (administered by a "private" business school).
  • Submit the formal Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).
  • Copy of ID card or passport (must match the citizenship used during registration).
  • A recent passport-sized color photo.

Note: All submitted documents will become the property of AUNA and will not be returned.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

Select your field of study for Phds


Select your Phd program

Tuition and Scholarships at Masuku University of Science and Technology

The American University of North Africa is a private institution of higher education (population between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000) located in the city of Tunisia.

Officially recognized by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the American University of North Africa (AUNA) is a blended higher education institution in Tunisia.

The American University of North Africa (AUNA) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in various fields of study.

Although a private university, AUNA is one of the most affordable private institutions in Tunisia and offers quality education in Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing. The tuition fee varies from the department and program level and will be available as your application progresses.

Scholarships at AUNA

Merit Scholarship

AUNA is focused on adding to Tunisian culture at its level by giving various scholarships to remarkable secondary school students, or international student’s applicants.

Merit scholarships will be founded on two fundamental models:  

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Foundation

The AUNA Merit Scholarship will be granted to a progression of extraordinary secondary school students, covering 100% of the educational expenses of their recipients*, with the point of advancing and advancing scholastic greatness.

*The extent of merit scholarships (25% to 100%) is dictated by students' scholastic accomplishments.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Pass a Tunisian University Diploma or same.
  • Accomplish extraordinary scholarly execution in secondary school.
  • Show extracurricular investment and initiative abilities.

Round out the merit scholarship application shape and submit it to the confirmation office.

To keep up the scholarship, students should meet certain conditions:

  • Register for a full-time course of in any event 15 credits for every semester.
  • Keep a GPA of in any event 3.50 toward the finish of every semester.
  • During the advanced degree in AUNA, he isn't permitted to pull out 6 credits or rehash the credits.

Scholarship Application 

  • Download the "Undergrad Merit Scholarship Application Form" or "Graduate Scholarship Application Form" or the scholarship application structure for current AUNA students.
  • Round out the structure with the necessary data.
  • Send it to [email protected] (state "scholarship application" in the article field).

Cost of living at Masuku University of Science and Technology

100 - 200 Euro / month
100 - 200 Euro / month
Cost of living
75 Euro / month
20 Euro / month

About Masuku University of Science and Technology

Masuku University of Science and Technology, created and organized by the law of January 29, 1986, initially included two educational establishments transferred from Libreville to Franceville  : the Faculty of Sciences and the National School of Engineers of Libreville

Why Study at Masuku University of Science and Technology

Modern Infrastructure

In the future, the university will act as a modern technical institution, striving to arouse the creative potential of students throughout the education process, and awaken the needs of the learning world and all-new opportunities for exploration. In this case, this is a prerequisite for obtaining modern infrastructure.

Quality of Education

AUNA resolves to convey a novel instructive journey in all specialties through extraordinary learning resources and an uncommon study hall experience. The university continues to strive to increase present expectations, focusing on excellent education templates that are mentally stimulating, and by and by extraordinary. The basic Licenses offered at AUNA plans to advance balanced pioneers through top-notch educational programs that are embraced to the most recent patterns and information on every industry. AUNA depends on universally perceived reading material and assets that plan to give the student excellent data and the most refreshed as well.


AUNA is focused on creating associations with the absolute best business universities around the globe to offer the chance to our students to get a joint degree which can additionally improve their odds in the employment market. Students who focus on such projects will get the opportunity to get 2 separate degrees in their field of study: one from AUNA and the second from the accomplice foundation. AUNA consistently hopes to be recognized by any remaining universities and endeavors to be among the best universally. In this manner, AUNA has just consented to association arrangements with the accompanying prestigious training foundations, AUNA has educational and organizational partnerships with over 10 institutions in the US, France, and Italy.

Educational Sytem

The American Education System is truly outstanding, if not the best, instructive frameworks on the planet. Rather than conventional learning strategies where the educator is there just to send data, here you are welcome to talk about thoughts and contemplations with the instructor and schoolmates to widen your vision and encourages you to shape diverse individual aptitudes exceptionally required global business world.

About Franceville

Franceville is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, with a population of 110,568 at the 2013 census. It lies on the River Mpassa and at the end of the Trans-Gabon Railway and the N3 road.

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