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Student life in Gabon aims to harness students’ abilities in extracurricular activities and enable them to adjust and adapt to the nation. There are several activities both on-campus and off- a campus that students in Gabon can take part in.

Sporting clubs- sporting clubs enable students to showcase their skills and make friends faster. Students can also travel to clubs and see new places and make new friends. Sports help to keep their bodies and minds fit.

Site Seeing- Gabon has several tourist sites and national parks. Students can take time out to see the beauty of Gabon in terms of flora and fauna at the national parks. This will help students to take their mind off studies for a while and relax.

Arts Clubs- visual and performing arts clubs provide a platform for expression for students.  Doing what they love helps them to settle in better.

Clubbing/ late movies- there is nothing that relaxes the mind more than a great night out with friends. Students can enjoy weekends out at the club or a movie with friends. There are several clubs that they can try out in Gabon that will enable them to familiarise themselves with the country and places around them. 

Student Spiritual Groups.

A large number of students in universities in Africa are religious. A large number of the population in Gabon are Christians. Various spiritual groups are formed that bring students together for one purpose, to worship together or talk about issues that affect them.

Social Clubs- social clubs are the best source of student unity and transition. They enable students to adapt and make friends. These can be in the form of sororities, drama clubs, fraternities, and other clubs. Students get to learn from each other in terms of culture, way of life, and languages, etc.



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