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Gabon is a calm place during the day but comes alight during the night. As the sun goes down, the party mood sets in. the capital city Libreville, and Port-Gentil have great night spots dotted around. There are several discos in the larger towns and the smaller towns have several lively bars. Here is a look at some of the nightspots in Gabon:


It is a chic night club located in Libreville. It is one of the best places you can find in Gabon. It is a unique club with great lighting and has a great surround sound system with a resident DJ who belts out tune after tune as revelers wile down the night. Guests can also enjoy a variety of drinks, both local and international, and cocktails served at the bar. Several event nights are held at club insomnia.

Yoka sports bar

This is a sports bar located in Libreville. Guests can enjoy their drinks while watching their favorite sport. They also get to have sports chats or interaction with other sports lovers. It is a great place to go out with friends for drinks while watching their favorite sport.

A variety of drinks are served at the facility and music played by the DJ. The bartender makes an excellent cocktail because she studied for it. It is Ideal for reunions with friends while tasting wine soda in a chic and relaxed sporty atmosphere. 

The atmosphere is very friendly and the music is good. The bar offers a beautiful setting with good whiskeys whether one is watching or not watching a match.

No stress Piano Bar

It is a lively piano bar located in Libreville. It is a classy place that offers cutting edge young, urban, hyper trendy music, and good cocktails. The staff gives a friendly, warm welcome. You can enjoy both local and international drinks while moving to the music played by the DJ. It is a place worth visiting for a night out with friends. It is also a great place to meet other people and interact while sipping drinks.


It it is a bar located in Libreville. It opens at 1830 hours and closes the next morning. Drinks are priced cheaply and very affordably. Friends can take their drinks while they dance to the loud pounding music played by the resident or visiting DJs.


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