Jobs for Students in Gabon

There are several reasons why students choose to get part-time jobs. This may be so they can get extra money for groceries and food, money for transport, money for stationery, and also to get extra money to assist with tuition.

Some go beyond financial means and get jobs so that they can learn the nature of the job or get the experience that will assist them when they complete their studies. It prepares them for things to come in the business world.

Part-time job options for students are as follows:

  • Online sales person- students can get jobs as online sales assistants for companies like cosmetic or clothing companies. This provides a degree of independence as you can sell at your own time and pace.
  • Brand Ambassadors/ models- Students can work as brand ambassadors for clothing and cosmetics brands.
  • Administration assistants- Students can work part-time as administration assistants at companies. They get to learn how the job is done but temporarily while they pursue their studies.
  • Call center agents- students can work part-time as call center agents. For this kind of job, they have to at least be good at English so they can communicate better.
  • Waiters-students can also work part-time as waiters, serving food to customers. Besides getting a salary, they can also benefit from getting tips from customers.
  • Interns-internships provide a platform for students to learn the various trades of the industry so they can easily transition into their work when they complete their studies.
  • Data capture- students can work as data capturers for Health institutions, and NGOs that collect data about different communities
  • Customer front desk attendant- students can work as front desk attendants at hotels or restaurants and attend to customers and any queries that may arise.
  • English tutor- English is not widely spoken in Gabon, as it is one of the Francophone countries, which uses French as the official language. Students can work as English instructors or tutors at preparatory schools or kindergarten schools, and privately to teach the locals how to communicate properly and effectively in English.

Note: the list is inexhaustible and is not limited to the jobs mentioned above.

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