Flights to Gabon

Guests traveling to Gabon from different countries have a range of options to choose from in terms of airlines to use. This usually depends on their preference, the costs, or where they are flying from. Some fly directly from their home countries and some need to use connecting flights. Some airlines flying to Gabon include:

Royal Air Maroc.                                             RwandAir                                         

Air France                                                        TunisAir                                             

Ethiopian Airlines                                           Air Algerie                                         

Turkish Airlines                                               Fly Emirates.                                      

Afrijet                                                             Hapagfly

Equaflight Services                                         Mauritania Airlines    

ASKY Airlines                                             

Airports in Gabon

There are several airports in Gabon serving different regions and towns. There are several regional and local airports. Here is a brief look at some of the airports in Gabon.

Leon Mba International Airport

It is a public airport located in Libreville and also known as the Libreville International Airport. It is Gabon’s main airport and serves several international airlines. It also serves cargo flights from different countries including Cargo lux, DHL Aviation, Ethiopian Cargo, Royal Air Maroc, to name but a few. It is the hub for the country’s flagship carrier Sky Gabon. It was named after the country’s first president. It is located about 11 km away from the city center.

Makokou Airport

This is a public airport serving the town of Makokou, in the Ogooue- Ivindo Province. It has an asphalt runway. It serves the Nationale Regionale Transport.

Lambarene Airport

This is an airport serving the city of Lambarene in the Moyen Ogooue province.

Avenue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba International Airport

It is an airport located in and serving the city of Franceville. It is about 16km west of the city. It receives or serves airlines including Afrijet and Nationale Regionale Transport.

Port Gentil Airport

This is Gabon’s second-largest airport, located about 3km northwest of Port Gentil. It serves domestic flights and a few international flights from the Republic of Congo, and Cameroon. It serves as a hub for Africa Aviation.




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