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Finding accommodation in Gabon as a foreigner is not that much of a hassle as there are more options available countrywide. Accommodation for all purposes and different people's specifications is available. Whether the guests are there for business or a group of students who want to stay together or those who prefer some independence, accommodation is readily available.


Students can stay on campus in dormitories. These are usually offered on a first-come-first-served basis but an exception can be made for foreigners to ease their burden of looking around for accommodation.

Dormitories provide a lot of convenience for students because they get to stay on campus and can easily access the college facilities like the library, sports facilities, free Wi-Fi.

It saves them the hassle of going in and out of campus and reduces transport and accommodation costs. Dormitories are usually more affordable than private accommodation. Meals are served at the canteen or cafeteria, reducing the effort of having to cook. This means students get more time to focus on studying and other things.


There are several apartments available for rent in Gabon. There are several apartments in Libreville including Bel Apartments, Villa Teceda, Maria Candida, to name but a few. Guests can book an apartment from $20 per night or more, depending on the location and the landlord. Some apartments come furnished, and with a kitchen.

Rented Rooms

Home rentals are relatively cheaper than other forms of accommodation. You can rent a room from the locals for less. You pay for the room and utilities at the end of every month.


Homestays are also a popular option for study abroad students in Gabon. Most students choose homestays for the first few months in a foreign place as it allows them to transition well into the new place. Host families provide the best way to get to know places and familiarize themselves with Gabon. Students who choose homestays should expect to be treated as part of the family, socializing, eating together, and learning from the host family. The host families provide most of the essential services the student needs, and they can teach the student the host nation’s language, which is an added advantage.


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