Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in French Polynesia

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There are several other healthcare centers where locals and expatriates can get medical attention and assistance. Expatriates must have health and travel insurance when traveling to French Polynesia to cover any emergency medical needs and evacuation when needed.

The General Hospital of French Polynesia

This is the main hospital in French Polynesia, located in the capital Papeete.  It is the biggest multidisciplinary hospital in French Polynesia. It offers healthcare for both locals and expatriates who can receive basic medical treatment and advanced services and facilities such as general medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, psychiatry, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, pharmacy, surgical, and emergency treatment, to mention but a few.

Taaone Hospital

This is a hospital located in Pirae. This hospital offers good facilities and a wide range of medical specialties. Here you can find orthopedic and vascular surgeons, pediatrics, emergency rooms, surgery, operation theatre, and orthopedics to mention but a few.

Direction De La Sante

This is a hospital in Papeete. You can find general practitioners, general surgery, prenatal and emergency services among others.

Hospital Moorea

This is a general hospital in Moorea-Maiao. This is a rural hospital with 15 beds and has no operating theatre. It has a maternity center and emergency unit and provides public health and prevention services and a medico-social dispensary. the hospital has an emergency center, maternity center, dispensary, mother and child health section, school, medical and dental services, health promotion and health education center, and public health, and hygiene centre.


This community health facility is staffed by 65 people, including three midwives, one dentist, six doctors, and ten private practitioners based at different locations around the island.


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