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There are many accommodation options available for students in French Polynesia.  Students can choose from apartment accommodation, student residence, motels, or lodges.


One bedroomed Apartment in City Centre in French Polynesia costs about XPF 91 871.16, and a one-bedroomed Apartment Outside of the city center costs XPF 81 065.94.

You can find apartments at  Residence Moorea sunset beach, Borabungalove, Villa Moana Studio, studio Vue Lagoon Moana, and Bora Bora, Ils Sous-lelVent, to mention but a few.

The apartments come furnished with basic pieces of furniture including beds, a couch, dining tables and chairs, a coffee table, a wardrobe, and have a kitchen.

Student Residence

Students can apply for housing at one of the university's housing centers of the University of French Polynesia. The university campus has 72 singles rooms where each student has his or her room.

There is also a student accommodation centre (CHE) which has 114 studios, which accommodate 2 people each. Lastly, there is an international residence which offers only 12 places for foreigners.

The university through student affairs can also facilitate private accommodation in apartments outside the campus.


French Polynesia is the home of overwater bungalows that give visitors a surreal Polynesian experience. Most of these are grass thatched and set over beaches and lagoons.

Guests can wake up every morning to a very cool breeze and fish swimming in the clear waters of most beaches. This gives travelers a taste of paradise in French Polynesia.


There are plenty of lodges in French Polynesia offering accommodation for travelers. These offer accommodation, dining and spa, bathrooms, and most of the basic needs.

These are relatively cheaper than hotel accommodation examples include Moorea beach lodge, Oa Oa lodge, to mention but a few.


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