Cheap Flights to and From Finland

Cheap Flights to and From Finland

Presently there are six international airports that travel the most routes both local and international. The team at RocApply has ranked them from the busiest of them to the least busy of the six airports in Finland.

Helsinki Airport (HEL) located in the capital city Helsinki airport is the largest and most used airport in the country seeing over 18 million passengers through its doors every year.

Oulu Airport (OUL) located in the southern city area of Oulu, this airport is the second-largest and second most used airport in the country with more than a million passengers in a year.

Rovaniemi Airport (RVN): located very close to the arctic circle this airport resides in the most northern part of the country.

Vaasa Airport (VAA): situated in the western region of Finland close to the Baltic sea. The only three airlines that fly to this airport include Finnair, Norweigian Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines

Turku Airport (TKU): located in the city of Turku, a student dominated city in Finland.

Tampere Airport (TMP): located in Tampere, the is the second-largest modern city in the country. Roughly ninety thousand passengers use this airport every year.

Airlines Flying in and out of Finland Airports;

  • British Airways
  • AirBaltic
  • Norwegian Air International
  • Blue Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Ukraine International
  • Air France
  • American Airways
  • SAS
  • Aegean Airlines.
  • Finnair
  • Turkish Airlines
  • KLM flights
  • Aeroflot
  • TAP Air Portugal

How much does a Flight Ticket to Finland Cost?

Fight prices to Finland differ depending on where you come from or where you will be traveling from, however, we can guarantee you that there are multiple of fights to Finland and they are usually affordable. 

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