Finland Student Visa Requirements

Finland Student Visa Requirements

Foreign students coming in to study in any Finnish higher institution most times require a student visa or a student resident permit. The student visa and the resident permit are two separate documents, the student visa is only needed for students who wish to come in fora short period, at most three months to study. While the residence permit is needed for those students who would be spending extended periods to study in the country ( three months to a year or more).

Students who come in for short study or exchange programs with a short duration, need to apply for a student visa whereas students who come in for bachelor or graduate programs that typically last for at least three years, must apply for a student residence permit. A typical Finnish residence permit typically lasts for one year after which the student would need to renew.

Requirements for Student visa or Residence permit include;

  • The official offer of acceptance from any recognized higher institution in Finland
  • A valid travel document (valid passport or ID) which must be valid for the duration of the visa you are applying for
  • Visa application form
  • Proof of financial capability for the entire duration of the student’s program which comprises of tuition and living expenses. Currently, the average living costs for a student per month is €560 which brings a total of approximately €6720 for a year.
  • Financial proof must be presented as a bank statement or bank records that show the availability of funds. Student’s coming in for degree or diploma must show funds for one year of study and short term programs or exchange students must show funds for the entire duration of their program. Students with scholarships or tuition waivers must provide proper documentation to that effect.
  • Medical insurance that covers the entire period of study
  • Police criminal and character report
  • Medical report showing that the student is in good physical and mental condition
  • The student must also have no prior refusal to Finland
  • The student must also show proof that they plan to leave the country after they complete their program.

Please note that the bank records of the student wards or guardians would not be accepted by a Finnish embassy or consulate. Therefore students must present bank records in their names only.

Student visa and residence permit application can only be submitted in the Finnish embassy or consulate available in their home country.

Visa fees also apply for both student visa and residence permit and it depends on which application procedure they follow.

  • Visa fee for paper submission - €330
  • Visa fee for online submission- €300

Please note that this fee is non-refundable and is subject to change at any given time.

Nordic/EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Individuals from the Nordic areas (Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Iceland), from the EU and from Switzerland can stay up to 90 days in Finland without any visas or permits other than their passports or ID. Those students planning to study more than three months up to a year(s) must now register for a Finnish certificate of registration. This certificate can be gotten at the nearest police station within the initial 90 days given. This is done so they can be assigned a Finnish personal ID number which they can use to seek employment amongst other things in the country.

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