Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in Falkland Islands

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Most institutions here will require the student to have their personal or private health insurance valid over the study period. However, do not fret, RocApply helps you identify which aids can be undertaken in Falkland Islandsduring your course of study without hassles! In general, the cost to consult a private doctor will cost about USD 60 in Falkland Islands, although this depends on the clinic and location.  Medical, dental and community health services are based in the local hospital based in Stanley, the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. The Hospital has a range of medical, dental, nursing, other health professionals and engineering staff. All the staff are qualified to the United Kingdom standards or recognised equivalents. The hospital provides a range of services for psychiatry to orthopaedics, and any patient who needs access to other treatments or diagnostics that cannot be done in the islands is referred to a hospital in the United Kingdom or Chile.


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