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While preparing for their study abroad programs, students have to take care of many crucial things like travel documents, budgets, and accommodation. RocApply aims to make it a bit easier for international students to feel prepared for their trip. That is why we offer housing to students in many Asian countries, including Falkland Islands.

Studying abroad can be thrilling, having a perfect plan for accommodation is even more exciting! RocApply has dedicated this guide to give you information on the types of accommodation you should expect once in Falkland Islands! You do not have to worry anymore when you plan to study abroad in Falkland Islands on where to stay? Whether you are looking for a budget student accommodation or a friendly host family here!

Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, RocApply will help you find it at the lowest possible price! You can easily book your private room in a shared student house before arriving in Falkland Islands right here. With a common kitchen and a bunch of adventurous international students under one roof, no doubt you will try some unique food from all over the world. Don’t miss your chance to host a cook-off with your friends and have an awesome party in the shared living room.

Student houses here provide you with the convenience of staying near the University. Thus, you will never have to worry about being late for your classes. Go through our RocApply Accommodations page and conveniently select a student room of your choice. Students reside in hostels off-campus. Hostels are located throughout the cities, but always in safe neighborhoods with access to public transportation.

Depending on the hostel, students should expect a commute time to and from campus. Most hostels consist of bedrooms, a common room with TV, kitchen, and bathrooms, and offer laundry and Internet. Students can also request housing with a host family. Living with a host family is a great way to experience the Falkland culture and improve the Arabic language, while also giving up some independence. Most bedrooms are double-occupancy.

The living area, kitchen, and bathrooms are shared with the family. Breakfast is included with homestays.In general, there are private rooms and shared rooms (two people) available in most cities, as well as private or shared bathrooms depending on the room chosen/available. Each apartment has a small study area and a kitchen. Depending on the building there may be other facilities available, such as a laundry room, gym, swimming pool, bikes, and grills for barbecues at affordable prices.

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Organize accommodations in advance. Many universities in Asiawill be able to help foreign-exchange students find accommodation before study abroad begins, ranging from home-stays with Falkland families to single-person apartments. Speak to the study abroad representative at your school or university to see what information they can offer, wait, inquire right here for a quick response on any query.

If you are planning to find a place when you arrive in Falkland Islands, it is sensible to book a few nights at a hostel before you leave home to give you a base while hunting for longer-term accommodation. RocApply has all the information on hostels in almost every city in Falkland Islands, along with photos, independent reviews, and online booking.


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