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 Lifestyle and Culture in Estonia

Unlike the other Soviet states, the Estonian economy is decidedly modernized and heavily focused on technology which defines the daily life routines of the people.

When you are in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn, you will experience the wonder-packed culture and lifestyle of Estonians to the brim. The high uburnisation of Estonia means more life in the cities with the majority being the middle.

Life in Estonia can be very busy as most Estonians have a strong work ethic that sees them restless between working days. Culturally, Estonians tend to be a lot progressive than the standard European.

An interesting fact to note about Estonia is that it has the highest rate of unmarried adults as most of these do live together without any official marriage.

 It is important to note that on average 30% of Estonians identify as religious which explicitly explains why this great state is braced with silence, especially during week days. Here you will find people that are peace loving and rather observe silence as a courtesy for respect.

You will only hear quire noise when an Estonian has had a few drinks in which case the value is still moderate. It is inherently in an Estonian cultural diary to be peace-loving and values silence than any other thing.

You will often find yourself whispering in public places. Estonians are known to take their time to respond to things with a thoughtful answer without any expression of haste whatsoever.

Estonians are optimistic and prefer to express themselves it in somewhat apologetic and dry language even when solving tough arguments. This is the right destination for you especially if you are a peace lover.

If an Estonian says something is ‘pretty OK’, then it’s quite good. Estonians describe themselves as being very direct. This is notable in that  there’s no confabulation, i.e., i.e. in cafes, nobody will ask how you are, and they’ll just smile and ask what you’d like.

If you casually ask an Estonian how they are, be prepared for them to tell you in detail, this is Estonia for you. Some of these profound attributes will certainly refresh the student in this wonderful state.

There are nice cathedrals in Estonia.  There are some churches, but in general there is almost no religion in Estonia. Estonians are largely pagan and largely resist Christianity.

There is not much black people, brown people and Asians for there to be active racism against them, though there is probably a degree of unfamiliarity.

There is also little apparent poverty. Estonia does have a good social welfare system. The impact of this can be that there's a negligibly tiny impoverished population.

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