Universities in Equatorial Guinea for international students

List of Equatorial Guinea Universities

1. National University of Equatorial Guinea

Number of Students: 40000
City: Malabo
Foundation Year: 1995
About University:


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We know the importance that comes with making an informed decision particularly if you intend to take a semester abroad. In that regard, we have made this article to inform you of the education system of Equatorial Guinea thus making the laden easier for you! Choosing one of the best universities in Equatorial Guinea to study for a degree program is one of the best decisions you will ever make. In fact, these schools will serve as a great beginning for your career path and also give you the right connection you need to excel in your discipline. 

About Education in Equatorial Guinea

At no time is given its history has Equatorial Guinea dedicated so much support in its education as it does today. This is because of the rapid development of its economic sector in the past years following the opening up of numerous tertiary institutions all over the nation to cater to the rising demand for education and training of young people.

The country has identified human resource development, including the need to reinforce institutions of higher education, as a key priority for growth and poverty reduction in the following decade.

In Equatorial Guinea’s education sector, the government has rolled out an ambitious program of growing out of higher education institutions as well as vocational training centers. 

The institutions that make our list of best universities in Equatorial Guinea is;

Higher education establishments are provided mainly through Spanish assistance via the Spanish National University of Distant Education; locations are in the principal cities of Bata and Malabo. 

Some students who reach the university level also go abroad to study, mainly in Spain and France. More so, there are five institutions of higher learning in Equatorial Guinea: 

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