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Equatorial Guinea student life is enriched by a multitude of clubs, committees, literary pursuits, and activities that offer experiential opportunities for intellectual, social, and emotional development.

The focus is on growing leadership skills, strengthening interpersonal relations, providing social outlets, acquiring knowledge of and appreciation for the broader community, and encouraging civic accountability.

The beauty of an Equatorial Guniea education is that students are never pigeonholed into one area. It is a natural extension of the Quaker principle that there is "that of God" or an "inner Light" in every human being.

Put into practice, that means institutions here value each person's unique gifts. Consequently, students are given many routes in the arts, athletics, service, and leadership as well as academics to discover and realize their talents.

Student boarding and international programs, summer camps, and partnerships with arts, athletics, and academic organizations from the metropolitan cities mean that there are always a variety of activities and opportunities for students to choose from. Each student and family become a part of a diverse and kind community that endures even after students graduate.

Each year students are welcome from all over the world. International students make up 30% of the student body and come from all the continents to experience the unique challenges that EG poses in the academic environment for students.

Students are challenged to stretch their talents and share them with their communities now and moving forward into their lives. The institutions here are committed to make this a reality for all students across the faculties!

Resort attractions in Equatorial Guinea have started attracting tourists from across the globe and are not an exception when it comes to student life here. So, what are the major tourist attractions here that the country is fast becoming a popular student destination?

It’s simply because the country has a lot of diverse attractions, ranging from its exceptional fauna and flora, sea life, beautiful Archipelago formation, still useful remains of colonial-era sites, and above all, to its tremendously rich archeological sites like Adulis and Qohaito.

In most cases, programs that for international students to study in Equatorial Guinea would have several travel components that would be buttressed to their program, this enables students to see round famous destinations and tourist resorts.

Students also have access to social activities like sports as well as other extracurricular activities they can engage in both on and off-campus. While you are studying here you may get the chance to stay with local families widening your opportunities here.




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