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Choose from a list of establishments that can suit every need, for couples, families, friends, or business trips. The quality of the hotels is relatively high in Equatorial Guinea. Even in smaller towns, a decent hotel can be found.

In the main tourist cities, some wonderful top-class hotels are available and accessible through our RocApply Book a Hotel feature

Equatorial Guinea has long been on the list of top destinations to visit in Africa. Cheap hotel rates are not always easy to come by, but RocApply features the best available rates at more than five hotels in Equatorial Guinea.

You can be sure to find the most up-to-date information and hotel deals right here. Consisting of seven regions, each with its unique appeal, the country offers visitors plenty of different areas to explore.

The country offers two unique cities to discover such as Malabo, Centro Sur. Sweet deals are just a click away when you use RocApply to book your next trip’s hotel to Equatorial Guinea.

The country has a unique geographical arrangement. Its capital, Malabo, is found on boot-shaped Bioko Island, which is divided from the only continental region of Rio Muni by over 200 km of ocean.

Add to this four more islands that are even further adrift, and you have yourself a rather complex region. But this complexity only increases the sense of awe, and the exclusivity any visitor to the country will experience. 

On the mainland, the tropical forests of Monte Alen National Park are a habitat for mandrills, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest elephants.

Given Equatorial Guinea’s tourism industry is still in the early stages of development, only some hotels can be found on Bioko Island, with very few to choose from on the mainland. Once you are prepared to take your trip to rest assured you will find nice hotels on RocApply anytime you deem one! 


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