Equatorial Guinea Primary School Application Requirements

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The following are some of the basic requirements for admission into a primary school in equatorial guinea

  • Student’s birth certificate copies
  • Students passport information page copies
  • Student’s vaccination record.
  • copy of the student’s last 2 years’ school records.
  • The student’s passport photos, taken recently
  • Copies of both parents’ IDs
  • Copies of both parents’ passports
  • Copy of Liberian Residence permit
  • Copy of parents work permit (if working in equatorial guinea)
  • assessment test results
  • completed and signed registration forms
  • Special pedagogical reports, where applicable
  • Proof of address in equatorial guinea
  • A non-refundable application fee
  • Students visa
  • transfer letter (transferred from another school)
  • proof of bank account for account payor
  • study permit (all foreign students)
  • proof of a scholarship if any

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