Equatorial Guinea Pre School Structure

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The Pre School system in Equatorial Guinea consists of two main stages

a) Nursery

b) kindergarten

Other international pre-school may offer different levels and requirements. Education at this level mainly focuses on games and speech learning activities. Children compete in pre-primary education when they are 6 years old. The pre-school program admits children from 3 to 6 years of age. It is divided into two parts namely the nursery and kindergarten which are mostly devoted to games, creative activities, and other children's events. Preschool education is mostly concentrated in urban areas.

Pre-primary education

  • Ages                            : 3-6 years
  • Duration                       : 3 years        
  • Languages                  : French, Spanish
  • Terms                          : 2 terms
  • Admission Term           : throughout the year

School types: pre- nursery, nursery


Pre Schools in equatorial guinea are mostly played or games-based and also focus mostly on speech learning activities. They provide the appropriate environment and opportunities to cultivate young minds and encourages them to realize their potential.

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