Hotels In Cuba

Make the most of your stay to travel around the whole island and discover all it has to offer.

Cuba is not just beaches, culture, and nature, golf fans will be able to enjoy their favorite sport on one of the courses around the island, such as the Club de Varadero, while those who love walking will be able to take in the spectacular landscapes on a long hike – undoubtedly one of the best ways to see Cuba.

Cuba's tourist numbers continue to climb, but hotel provision has leaped behind. It is thus advisable to book all accommodation well in advance.

Here is is the breakdown;

  • Casas particulares are Cuban homes that rent rooms to foreigners, an authentic and economic form of cultural immersion.
  • Campismos Cheap are rustic accommodations in rural areas, usually in bungalows or cabins.
  • All Cuban hotels are government-owned. Prices and quality range from cheap Soviet-era to high-flying colonial chic.
  • Resorts Large international-standard hotels in resort areas that sell all-inclusive packages


In this price range, the accommodation consists almost entirely of casas particulares and campismos . Although casa prices have crept up a little in the last few years, there are still only a handful of deluxe places (mainly in Havana) that will cost more than CUC$50.

In cheaper casas particulares (CUC$20 to CUC$25) in the provinces, you may have to share a bathroom and will have a fan instead of air-con.

There are around a dozen campismos throughout the country that welcome international travelers and most are under CUC$50 a night. Accommodation is in old-fashioned cabins akin to a one- or two-star hotel.


Cuba's scant midrange category is a lottery, with some boutique colonial hotels and some awful places with spooky Soviet-like architecture and atmosphere to match. In midrange hotels, you can usually expect air-con, private hot-water bathrooms, clean linens, satellite TV, a swimming pool, and a restaurant, although the food will not exactly be gourmet. Some of the more deluxe casas particulares now fall into this price bracket and they are nearly always pretty plush.

Top End

Cuba's state-run hotels and resorts have hiked up their prices two- or three-fold in the last couple of years. As a result, hotels in this bracket are somehow overpriced. The most comfortable top-end hotels are usually partly foreign-owned and maintain international standards.

Rooms have everything that a midrange hotel has, plus big, quality beds and linens, a minibar, international phone service, and perhaps a terrace or view. Wi-fi is a prerequisite in these hotels, although it may be temperamental and only work in the reception area.

Practically all of Cuba's all-inclusive resorts fall into this price category. Cuba's hotel star rating also includes half-star categories (eg 4½ stars).

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