Libertas International University

Libertas međunarodno Sveučilište || Dubrovnik International University

Libertas International University

Number of students
1500€ - 3500€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
June 10, June 15
Application Deadline
10 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

A maximum of one hundred students are enrolled each year, and small classes are allowed. In addition to the application form, prospective undergraduates must also submit official high school transcripts, personal statements, and analytical essays.

Graduate candidates must submit application forms, official undergraduate transcripts, personal statements, and resumes. It is also hoped that potential students will participate in a short interview. Applications can be made in Croatian or English.

Undergraduate Admissions

All candidates who have completed secondary education can apply for DIUs undergraduate courses. In addition, the following categories have the right to register:

Candidates from Croatia who are over 24 years old (have not yet completed the national graduation exam)

Candidates register (or previously registered) at another higher education institution

Necessary Application Materials:

  • High school transcript
  • Croatian student’s national graduation examination certificate (if an original or certified copy is received)
  • Citizenship certificate or other relevant documents proving nationality (original or certified copy)
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Copy of ID card*
  • Student transcript photo (4×6 cm)
  • Student registration photo (4×3 cm)
  • Proof of payment of non-refundable registration fee (Euro)

* Only for Croatian students

*Note: After submitting the application materials, the applicant may be invited to participate in an interview.

Graduate Admission

All applicants who have completed their bachelor's degrees are eligible to apply to participate in our graduate school.

Required materials for applying:

  • Bachelor's degree (original or certified copy)
  • Transcript of records (original or certified copy)
  • Certificate of Citizenship (original or certified copy)
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Copy of passport (for international students)
  • Photo for the grade book (4 × 6 cm)
  • Photo for the register of students (4 × 3 cm)
  • Proof of payment of the non-refundable registration fee

* Note: After submitting the application materials, applicants may be invited for an interview.

Select your Degree

Tuition and Scholarships at Libertas International University

Dubrovnik International University or Libertas International University is a world-leading higher education institution located in Croatia. The university is a private institution with state-of-the-art modern facilities, located on two campuses in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Students pay the tuition fees for their studies every year.

The financial commitment to higher education is one of the most valuable investments, which is why Libertas International University continues to provide quality education at an affordable cost. The university's motto "Today's education, tomorrow's success" put them on the path of continuous exploration and enlightenment, and has cultivated some of the most prolific talents in Croatia.

Tuition fees vary for each course and level of education, but international students can pay approximately 6,000 to 7,000 euros per academic year for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses is 3,500 Euros per semester or 7,000 Euros per academic year for undergraduates and 3,000 Euros per semester for graduate students.

Dubrovnik International University is greatly committed to excellence in education and has several scholarships and financial assistance schemes designed to support its students in their studies. Prospective students can apply for partial scholarships as well as student loans.

The scholarships cover all or a percentage of the academic costs of the student and can last for the entire duration of their studies. Scholarships at the university are either need-based or performance-based or discounts and waivers, ensuring that students get help from the university in one form or another.

Cost of living at Libertas International University

150 - 300 Euro / month
400 Euro / month
Cost of living
100 Euro / month
15 Euro / month

About Libertas International University

Libertas International University is the oldest private university in Croatia. The university developed from the Libertas Business School in Zagreb and the DIU Libertas International University in Zagreb and Dubrovnik as two higher education institutions that in 2016 grew into the current university institution. Libertas International University today consists of four faculties and a Business School.

Classes at Libertas International University are held in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Kutina, with classes in Dubrovnik being conducted in English, and at other locations in Croatian.

Full-time and part-time students are allowed to choose between 9 undergraduate, 6 graduate, 1 postgraduate specialist, and 1 doctoral study. At Libertas, therefore, there is the possibility of studying from undergraduate to doctoral level of education, which is not offered by any other private higher education institution in Croatia. So far, thousands of students from Croatia and 30 countries from all continents have taken advantage of this opportunity.

At Libertas, classes are conducted in small groups, and knowledge is acquired through an active approach to current relevant topics. Students are equal participants in the educational process, not passive observers who reproduce other people's knowledge and insights. The emphasis is on teamwork, but at the same time, special attention is paid to the individual approach to each student, his intellectual needs, and affinities.

The greatest strength of Libertas is the top professors who possess outstanding academic and professional experience. Libertas' community of renowned international scholars includes professors who have taught and teach at Harvard University, Princeton University, Georgetown, London School of Economics, Sorbonne University, New York University, University of Virginia Law School, and many other leading educational institutions in Europe, USA and elsewhere in the world, and also represent a group composed of current and former ambassadors, ministers, economic experts, executive directors, experts in international law, generals, directors of cultural institutions, representatives of the United Nations, the OSCE, the IMF and other reputable international institutions.

Due to its commitment and outstanding selection of teaching staff, and the adoption of state-of-the-art teaching methods, the university educates professionals who are willing to take on leading roles in diplomacy, business, tourism and hospitality, theater, healthcare, sports management, and business security.

Many of Libertas' former students are already in important positions in business, diplomacy, banking, politics, sports management, tourism, and elsewhere in Croatia and abroad. Of the thousands of graduates so far, 93% have found employment and are building successful business careers.


The student experience is not just lectures and classrooms. Did you know that an unwritten rule says that you stop being a freshman only when you pass the first exam? The same goes for staying in a dorm. A large number of Libertas students during their studies opt for an unforgettable experience of living in dormitories.

Just like all full-time students in Zagreb, with the presentation of X-ice in student dormitories, all Libertas full-time students can eat at affordable prices, participate in various activities, and above all, make lifelong friendships. By choosing to live independently in a dormitory, you are responsible for all your obligations - organize your rhythm of life because student rights also allow you to work while studying.

Now is the time to take on more responsibilities, but also to meet new people and discover new forms of recreation and entertainment. Do you know those cult alumni stories about memorable student days with the college team? They are created in the rooms, corridors, common rooms, and courtyards of student dormitories.

Libertas University, now traditional, organizes one-day and multi-day hiking tours in Croatia and abroad for its students, faculty, and friends. The main goal is to maintain fitness in a healthy and inspiring way, get to know different landscapes, enjoy the natural beauties, socialize, and of course, hang the university flag on visited peaks or interesting destinations.

Every semester, new hiking trails and locations are continuously updated as the university realizes them and discovers more opportunities for student excursions, and they sure have a lot of ideas for them. Upon notification of the organization of the trip, sign up and be a part of the wonderful moments spent together.

Also, there are several student clubs on campus, and their goal is to work through various extracurricular activities to achieve better cooperation among students. So far, the student body at DIU has realized many projects; one of the most successful, is certainly the establishment and arrangement of the Student Club. It is a space where students can come to relax, work on assignments, study before exams, drink coffee, fill the time between two lectures, etc.

Campus Life for Students

Health Insurance

EU citizens: use your European health insurance card.

Other foreign citizens: must obtain Croatian health insurance upon arrival in Croatia. The monthly premium for health insurance is about 450 HRK.

Why Study at Libertas International University

International study environment

Libertas International University in Dubrovnik offers a unique educational environment for undergraduate and graduate students. Although the courses in Zagreb and Dubrovnik are the same, because of the Dubrovnik center, its history, and its role in diplomacy and business for centuries, studying in Dubrovnik gives students a unique experience.

Competent Staff

Since their establishment, the university’s greatest strength has been our teaching staff. Libertas students are fortunate to learn from outstanding professors and experts. So far, we have been able to provide Dubrovnik students with the professional knowledge of teachers from Harvard University, the London School of Foreign Service, the University of Tokyo, McGill University, and many other outstanding universities.

Interesting Infrastructure

Dubrovnik's educational facilities and training facilities are housed in a beautiful Dominican museum, offering a world-class atmosphere for students and teachers from all over the world. Students from nearly 30 countries have enrolled for one of our courses. They also live and experience everything that the beautiful city of Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean offers.

Networking Opportunities

In terms of partnerships and cooperation with world-class universities, Libertas University and Zadar University are the first institutions in Croatia to offer undergraduate courses in international relations and diplomacy. Therefore, it provides Croatian students with foreign education in various fields of international relations and diplomacy. The design of undergraduate courses is consistent with the courses of other universities in the world. Students can study for a master’s degree in Dubrovnik (English) or Zagreb (Croatian).

Accommodation Libertas International University

On Campus Accomodation at Libertas International University

The Libertas International University is located in Dubrovnik centre, a major venue in a thriving city. Wherever you are in Dubrovnik, you will not stay away from us. Libertas International University does not offer accommodation on campus, but finding suitable accommodation in Dubrovnik is not a problem. 

Off Campus Accomodation at Libertas International University

Our services include assisting you in finding suitable accommodation within walking distance of the university campus. The cost of a shared apartment is from 300 to 600 euros per month + utility bills.

The cost of utilities depends on the season and personal habits. All apartments are equipped with kitchenware, bedding, air conditioning and heating, and internet access.

Food at Libertas International University

About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a well-known city in Dalmatia, almost at the end of the Croatian territory. The town is about 6 km west, from the Rijeka Dubrovacka / Ombla River in Mokosica to the Sveti Jakov region in the east.

The metropolitan area includes the Lapad Peninsula, where most of the hotels and beaches of Dubrovnik are located. Gruž is the western part of the city where the main port of Dubrovnik, the port, and the port are located. Other regions include Pile, Ploce, Boninovo, and Kono

The old town is the oldest of Dubrovnik, east of Lapad at the foot of Mount Srd. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage, so it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The streets and palaces of the old city were paved with stones, while the buildings included beautiful houses, temples, churches, mansions, museums, and museums.

In addition to its historical heritage, Dubrovnik also offers excellent holiday opportunities in terms of sea, sun, nightlife, restaurants, and parks, offering a variety of local and international cuisine. Today, Dubrovnik has a population of about 44,000.

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