Aspira University College

Aspira University College

Number of students
2175€ - 3200€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
November 22, April 11
Application Deadline
20 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs


Candidates can apply for the Undergraduate Study:

3 or 4-year secondary education completed (general or vocational)

Proficient in the English language: TOEFL (min. score 500) or IELTS (min. score 5.0)

Candidates can apply for the Graduate Study:

The undergraduate study completed (Bachelor degree holders)

Proficient in the English language: TOEFL (min. score 500) or IELTS (min. score 5.0)

Steps of the Application Process

STEP 1: Applicants must fill in the application form on our website.

STEP 2: Applicant e-mails the following scanned documents (in PDF, JPEG, MS Word, or Open Document format):

  1. Passport copy
  2. Certificate of citizenship or appropriate proof of citizenship (ID card copy)
  3. Birth certificate (in the English language)
  4. Educational documents for Undergraduate Study:
  5. Diplomas of completed secondary level of education in the original language
  6. diplomas of completed secondary level of education in English or Croatian language, certified by an authorized institution
  7.  Educational documents for Graduate Study
  8. Undergraduate diploma (bachelor’s degree) in the original language
  9. Undergraduate diploma (bachelor’s degree) in English or Croatian, certified by an authorized institution
  10. Transcript of records in English or Croatian, certified by an authorized institution
  11. Proof of English proficiency (unless prior education was in English)
  12. CV and Motivation letter

The required documents should be uploaded or sent via e-mail to [email protected]

STEP 3: After reviewing the application, within 3 working days, ASPIRA arranges the admission test interview with the applicant via Skype. The purpose of the interview is to discuss competencies, skills, and motivation for the study.


STEP 4: Following the successful interview, within 3 working days, ASPIRA will e-mail a Conditional Offer Letter to the applicant, stating that he has been offered a place in the study program on the following conditions:

Academic Condition: Recognition of qualification attesting the completion of secondary education by the Education and Teacher Training Agency/ Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education within the Croatian Ministry of Education.

Financial Condition:

Application fee of €300 (non-refundable administrative charge) to be paid within 5 working days.

STEP 5:  For Undergraduate Study, ASPIRA coordinates diploma recognition procedure with the appropriate government agencies.

  1. Education and Teacher Training Agency – recognition of qualifications attesting the completion of secondary education by Education and Teacher Training Agency
  2. Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education – recognition of qualifications attesting the completion of vocational secondary school programs.
  3. For Graduate Study, the recognition procedure is done by ASPIRA in cooperation with the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Note: the application fee (€300) is non-refundable.

STEP 6: In case academic recognition of foreign qualification is positive, ASPIRA will send Admission Letter to the applicant, which is a letter supporting the application for a student visa stating that the College has received evidence that you have met academic and financial conditions of the offer.

STEP 7: ASPIRA issues Study Contract to the applicant, stating student and university’s rights and obligations and financial requirements. A deposit is to be paid in the amount of the annual tuition fee in case of successful secondary qualification recognition by the Croatian Ministry of Education and before visa application. The deposit is refundable only if you are unsuccessful in your student visa application. Refusal will be acceptable only from the Croatian Embassy.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


Select your Master program

Tuition and Scholarships at Aspira University College

Choose modern programs set in Croatia with practice from the first year. The goal of this way of training is to provide students the opportunity to network with employers which enables them secure employment and return on investment in their education or their future. The subject areas available at Aspira include;

  • Sports Management
  • Computer Engineering – Program Engineering
  • Hotel and Tourism
  • Gastronomy

The university college is a private non-profit establishment, and all its finances go towards education and research development in the institution.

Aspira offers courses in English and international students are welcome to apply and join this budding community of professionals with global standards.

The tuition fee is very course-specific and depending on your program of interest, please contact us for the precise amount that you may be required to pay. However, here’s a general overview of the tuition cost at Aspira University College;

Study type                  Study program                                    Tuition per academic year

Undergraduate           Bachelor’s Degree Programs                €4,350

Graduate                     Master’s Degree Programs                  €4,980

Scholarships at Aspira University College

Aspira University College offers scholarships to applicants who wish to pursue a certificate program in the school. The scholarships are both merit-based and need-based, offering excellent students from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to receive a quality education and learn from some of the best names and establishments in the industry.

The following criteria are taken into account for the award of a scholarship:

  1. Students with proof of inadequate finances or from a disadvantaged background
  2. Success in secondary education or advanced education so far;
  3. Candidates must not be employed

The scholarship contract is extended at the end of each academic year, after the end of the autumn exam deadlines. In case of repetition of the year or achieved grade point average during one year of study below 4.0, the candidate loses the right to further scholarships.

Applications for the scholarship are made through the application form, and the complete documentation is submitted to the Student Service of the College until the completion of the ranking list of candidates for enrollment.

When applying, it is necessary to submit: birth certificate, high school certificates, and graduation certificate or high school and state Matura certificates (for candidates enrolling based on state Matura), the decision of the Center for Social Welfare, and/or certificate of household income in the previous calendar year or other documents showing the difficult social status and/or property status of the candidate (family).

Cost of living at Aspira University College

150 - 300 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
100 Euro / month
60 Euro / Month

About Aspira University College

Founded in 2008 Teaching Staff: 50+ Student population: 500+
Address: UI. Domovinskog rata 65, 2100, Split, Croatia

Professional Courses:16

International Representation: Students from over 10+ countries

Campus: Modern

Faculties: 3 Language(s) of Croatian,  English.
Location: Split, Croatia Scholarships: Available  Vocational School: 1

Maritime College Atlantis, these three institutions together make up one of the largest private education groups in Croatia.

Aspira College of Management and Design, as a private college and non-profit institution, organizes and conducts professional studies in Sports Management, Computer Science - Software Engineering, International Management in Hospitality and Tourism and Hotel Tourism Management and develops professional and scientific activities following the Law.

In addition to study programs, Aspira has been conducting verified programs by the Ministry of Science and Education for many years, as well as numerous training in the field of management, entrepreneurship, communication, gastronomy, and tourism.

The higher education institution is focused on the identification of current and expected future deficit occupations, so the study directions and programs are adjusted accordingly.

Thus, for example, the study of International Management in Hospitality and Tourism was created - Gastronomy, which significantly refreshed and expanded the field of higher education in Croatia.

Also, an important feature of the School is the dynamic adaptation of programs and content to current market needs.

The college is registered following the Law on Higher Education and recognized as a high-quality institution and certified by the ISO certificate for the quality of teaching.

Aspira cooperates with several organizations, and the opinion of organizations related to the needs of the employment market is extremely important. For each study program, the opinions of the same organizations are sought, which are attached to the report.

Opinions of reputable and relevant institutions indicate that the study programs of Aspira College are justified and in line with the needs of the labor market.


  • Continuous improvement and revision of existing study programs based on quality indicators following the trends in the labor market and the introduction of new study programs per market needs.
  • Work to increase student achievement in study programs in terms of study success measured through learning outcomes
  • The participation of representatives of the economy and the labor market in the development of the College
  • Improving the scientific and professional publishing activities of employees, associates, and students
  • Participation in international projects and developing a multicultural environment
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality management system as a precondition for the external evaluation process of the College
  • Development of material, human and financial resources to perform the basic activity as well as possible.
  • Developing existing lifelong learning programs and proposing new ones according to market needs.

Aspira's priorities are improving the quality of existing studies, developing new programs in cooperation with foreign partners, developing the careers of each individual, improving foreign language skills, developing the Department for International Cooperation, developing a summer school, and developing tolerance.

The general objectives of Aspira College reflect a set of primary tasks located within the scientific and educational framework in the context of:

  • developing the ability to acquire knowledge
  • meeting international, national, regional, and local needs
  • preparing students for future employment or further studies
  • ensuring the quality and availability of higher education
  • promoting the highest ethical and moral principles
  • creating study models based on learning outcomes and ETCS credits

Specific goals of Aspira College:

- Integrate community action activities with academic and personal development to help students and trainees develop a critical and balanced approach to thinking about their education and the role of the active citizen in the community.

- By emphasizing practice, teaching, and extracurricular activities, provide professional competencies, but also competencies that prepare them for active participation in a democratic society.

- Positioning in the place of an internationally recognized higher education institution that will attract students from all over the world with its quality and excellence.


Student Clubs

Aspira University College offers students a variety of extracurricular activities. Depending on what they are interested in, they can join a certain activity and thus spend their time well. These activities aim to encourage students to socialize and help them develop their interests, and thus improve the quality of life.

Entrepreneurial Club

The entrepreneurial club in Aspira was founded on November 28, 2018. To promote, develop, and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and skills of students, training young people for entrepreneurship and self-employment through activities to acquire skills, knowledge, and information. The idea of starting an "Entrepreneurship Club" stems from the important role of entrepreneurship in economic development. Encouraging and developing entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit in modern society is extremely important.

Gastro Club

"Aspira Gastro Club" provides all interested students with the opportunity to further educate themselves in the field of gastronomy. The goal of the club is primarily to provide students with the opportunity to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Through various lectures and workshops, topics that follow trends in nutrition, sommelier, and many other culinary challenges are covered. Lectures are accompanied by examples from practice, i.e. chefs and other representatives of the gastro scene try to transfer their experiences to students. Club members also have the opportunity to attend certain gastronomic events and thus get acquainted with the domestic and foreign gastronomic scene.


The gastro club takes place under the guidance of the coordinator who, respecting the wishes of the members, coordinates the plan and program of the club.

Tourist Inspection

The idea of establishing a "Tourist Inspectorate" stems from the importance and influence of tourism today as the main driver of the economy in the Republic of Croatia. It is designed as a section that aims to work on improving the tourism industry in Croatia, more precisely, on the offer of the city of Split and then beyond.

PR Club

Aspira’s PR Club brings together all interested students who want to acquire knowledge and skills in PR - as a contemporary challenge of public relations. The importance of PR nowadays emphasizes creative thinking, the possibility of quality expression, and all the necessary knowledge. Students, members of this club, have the opportunity under the guidance of the coordinator to develop their skills, participate in professional lectures and workshops, and meet real examples from practice. They can also learn how to harmonize PR activities with the overall marketing strategy or goals of individual organizations, get acquainted with the rules of writing PR articles and the functioning of the media.

The club is intended for students who have an entrepreneurial idea or want to learn more about entrepreneurship. With the support of mentors, students will be informed about entrepreneurship in practice through workshops, seminars, competitions, forums, and other forms of additional education, about incentive measures that entrepreneurs can use, about connecting entrepreneurs, and finally how to lead an entrepreneurial project from the very idea. Until the final realization.

The vision of the club is the progress and self-realization of students in the entrepreneurial world, entering the market, and the implementation of various business plans.

Why Study at Aspira University College

Achieving an International Career in Tourism

A large number of foreign lecturers who have a significant scientific and practical career and are ready to share their experiences with students participating in the study. In addition to the above, through numerous guest lectures, students gain rich examples from everyday practice that can significantly contribute to their future business. Students are given the option of doing professional practice in many hotels and organizations around the world and in this way students gain top practical experience "first hand". The knowledge acquired at Aspira High School is competitive for work in any hotel and organization in the world.

Practice In the World's Leading Hotels and Tourist Organizations

The study emphasizes professional practice, which runs through all years of study. Most of the professional practice (daily, 8 hours, 4 months) is performed by students in the last semester of study, which is fully dedicated to the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in hotels, or in destination management organizations and companies. In this way, they get to know their future job and gain significant contacts that can help them in their daily business. Students have the opportunity to choose several prestigious international hotels and organizations as the venue for the practical part of the course.

Top International Lecturers

Top international experts in the field of tourism teach in a large part of the course. In this way, students gain state-of-the-art tourism theoretical knowledge. The lecturers are well acquainted with modern tourism theory and have specific professional knowledge that they have applied in practice.

A True Study of Tourism in English and Croatian

At the International Management in Hospitality and Tourism program, the lectures follow global trends in education. Since renowned foreign lecturers also participate in the classes, lectures are held in English and Croatian. In this way, students acquire highly professional tourism knowledge and strengthen their knowledge of a foreign language, which has been a standard means of communication on the world market for decades.

Possibility of Continuing Studies at a Partner University in Switzerland

Aspira has established cooperation with the prestigious Swiss Faculty of Hospitality Management Hotel Institute Montreux, which allows only Aspira students to continue their studies and obtain a double degree (Swiss and American) according to customized conditions. This collaboration is a confirmation of the high quality of Aspira's study programs, as the foreign faculty fully recognizes the qualifications acquired at Aspira.

Accommodation Aspira University College

On Campus Accomodation at Aspira University College

Aspira does not presently have campus housing for students, both local and international students find private accommodation facilities around the city of Split and Zagreb

. The cost of living in Croatia is significantly cheaper compared to many European countries, and there is a wide range of affordable student accommodation that suits different tastes and budgets.

Off Campus Accomodation at Aspira University College

A few students in Croatia select to remain in private student accommodation and lofts around their college territory. There are numerous private houses for rent littered across numerous urban communities that offer convenient housing to students at a scope of rental costs.

Students can freely sort out their housing needs through various house agents and home search platforms in Split or Zagreb accordingly, however they should conform to the agreements or concurrences with the property holders.

For international students, all the important housing arrangements must be finalized before you arrive in the country. We help our students in discovering a wide range of private student housing that is accessible for them and we work with their specificities.

The cost to rent in Croatia factor in specific things, for example, area, accommodation type, inside or outside the downtown area, and proximity to the university college campus. The normal value that you can hope to pay for student convenience are:

One room in a shared two-bedroom goes for €150 monthly

Studio loft with private restroom and kitchen goes for €250

Now and again, utilities, for example, power, water, heating, wireless internet are all-inclusive in the rent or charged independently. Homeowners ask that installments should be each month or for six months.


Sports at Aspira University College

The idea of founding the "Aspira Sports Club" is to enable all students and teachers to engage in a recreational sport activity, or to unite all students, regardless of the study program they attend.

Those students who have the will and predisposition can represent the colors of Aspira at the university or some other championship. All members of the club are provided with certain benefits in the use of various sports facilities in the city.

In this way, students have the opportunity to socialize and recreate outside of teaching activities.

The sports club functions to

  • The primary goal is to gather, socialize and entertain students
  • Promotion of health and healthy lifestyle
  • Promotion of physical activity as a regular daily activity
  • Promotion and promotion of sports and sports recreation as an important aspect in people's lives

At the level of each sport, student coordinators are also selected to lead their teams through the various sports encounters that Aspire students have at the university level.

Also, sports coordinators are elected at the level of each year. Through the "Sports Club", Aspire students can engage recreationally with about 10 different sports in 6 sports centers.

About Split

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, this vibrant city feels modern but a closer look at the surviving façade of the Roman Palace fronting its harbor reveals the city’s ancient roots. Today’s residents are living in a Roman Emperor’s palace. In the 4th century A.D when the Roman Emperor Diocletian retired, he built a vast residence for his golden years here in his native Dalmatia.

When Rome fell, Diocletian’s home was abandoned, and eventually, a medieval town sprouted from its abandoned shell, and to this day the nose of narrow alleys once Diocletian’s hallways make up the core of Split.

Looking out to the Adriatic Sea, Split is what travel dreams are made of, scenic, sunny, and filled with plenty of historic sites and culinary delights to keep you busy. The streets are a marble maze where pieces of history lay hidden around in every corner.

The harbor is lined with cafes and palm trees drawing out locals and tourists to promenade in the sunshine. There is also and an abundance of delightful seafood which are always fresh and beautiful Croatian dishes with a contemporary twist.

The city is bustling with many activities and people thanks to its mild climate and welcoming people. 

The city has a population of 178,012 people and a land area of 79.38 km sq., standing as one of Croatia’s cultural capitals, Split is a beacon for economy, tourism, and education in the country.

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