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Life as a student in Croatia is very stern but extremely exciting, the day to day student activities are very challenging but rewarding eventually.

University campuses are well-equipped with all the tools and materials for a proper education that can compete with any developed society in the world.

Students take advantage of the opportunities, top-notch lecturers, professors and advisors, and, the international environment in which they study.

The country is poised to leave an indelible mark on all who have experienced the openness and warmness of the Croatian people.

A student’s daily life begins as early as 6:00 AM where they get ready for school, take a walk, ride the bus, or just ride their bicycle to their university campus.

In Croatia, all students live in proximity to their campuses and have it very easy commuting. While on campus, depending on their individual timetable, lecture hours can be between 3 to 6 hours per day, influenced by the student’s courses that semester.

The remaining part of the day students can engage in other activities within the campus like extracurriculars, sports, student clubs and associations, and more.

We reached out to a few international students in Croatia and here is what they had to say about their individual experiences.

 “ I believe that a part of Croatia’s identity is with being very determined and in going for your dreams or what you believe in, which we have seen in the course of history. This is something I have learned while studying here and I plan to take with me wherever I go.” - Tina Ereš from Austria

“ Living and studying in Croatia develops you as a person so that you can take valuable experiences and lessons learned here and apply them wherever you go” - Sara Culjak from New Zealand

“ A huge part of what I have seen here can be summarized as the term hedonism, which I like. In French we would say ‘savoire vivré’ which means ‘living well’- this is something I adore about the Croatians. Having a chance to Croatia and study here, allowed me to create a second harbor here, like a home away from home.” - Giacomo Franz from Luxembourg

“ This country has a great networking environment for students and the hospitality in Croatia is very welcoming which makes it helpful for someone that is coming here from abroad.” -  Dolores Ferenac from the USA.



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