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Your parents and relatives no longer need to be concerned about your accommodation during your study abroad program in Chile. RocApply offers free information and reservations for students prospecting to study abroad.

Finding accommodation for a longer-term trip abroad is not always easy, whether you are coming as a student, intern, volunteer or fully-fledged worker. Do you arrange housing before you leave – and risk not liking the place you end up – or take the scarier route of finding a place when you arrive?

Finding a house or apartment before you come to Chile is certainly the most reliable plan, and if it is your first time living abroad it can give a welcome sense of security. Many visitors, however, prefer to stay in temporary accommodation for a week or two and do some research before choosing a place. And while the uncertainty can seem nerve-wracking, the pay-offs are great, you meet housemates before you move in and get to know your favorite neighborhoods before you make a commitment.

Whichever you choose, you will need some help to find the best accommodation for your stay and this is where we come into pay, chek from our and accommodation page and book a dormitory today!

Here are our top tips:

⦁ Organize accommodation in advance. Many universities in North America and Europe will be able to help foreign-exchange students find accommodation before study abroad begins, ranging from home-stays with Chilean families to single-person apartments. Speak to the study abroad representative at your school or university to see what information they can offer, wait, inquire right here for quick response on any query.

⦁ If you are planning to find a place when you arrive in Chile, it is sensible to book a few nights at a hostel before you leave home to give you a base while hunting for longer-term accommodation. RocApply has all the information on hostels in almost every city in Chile, along with photos, independent reviews, and online booking.

In general, there are private rooms and shared rooms (two people) available in most cities, as well as private or shared bathrooms depending on the room chosen/available. Each apartment has a small study area and a kitchen.

Depending on the building there may be other facilities available, such as a laundry room, gym, swimming pool, bikes, and grills for barbecues at affordable prices.


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