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December 13, July 19
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RocApply in partnership with Acadia University invites students to apply to their preferred programs of study and come a part of an exciting community in Canada. The university provides great education that leads to great outcomes with a deluge of testimonials and its many years of experience to show for it.

Here at RocApply, we treat each application differently with high-sensitivity and tact, ensuring that we deliver on our promises of being a modern platform for all your university admission needs.

For all Programs at the undergraduate level:

  • Students who have completed their high school education with results from any state education board in their country must have at least 70% or 60% for CBSC or IBSC.
  • Minimum overall average of 70% and the average entry grade from high school is  85.2% with pass marks in key subject areas including English and Maths.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma – 28 minimum score
  • IB score of 30 and above plus 30 credits advanced standing (the equivalent of one year)
  • GCE 2 A-level examinations with a minimum score of B or C in each subject.
  • Other systems or curriculum must be 7 out of 10.

English Language Requirements

The university requires a minimum of IELTS overall score of 6.5 with nothing less than 6.0 in each band. Students with a lesser band score can apply for conditional acceptance under the condition that they will produce a revised certificate. The university also accepts PTE with a minimum score of 60 and TOEFL with a minimum score of 90.

For all Programs at the graduate/postgraduate level:

  • Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma (First class honors, second class upper/lower divisions) or it's equivalent.
  • An undergraduate academic transcript detailing courses taken and grades obtained in the last four years of study.
  • CV/Resume
  • Two recommendation letters from academic and professional advisors.
  • Master’s degree certificate or diploma from a recognized institution (for Ph.D. students)

Please note that there is an application fee from the university which is $40 for all applications.

*$ = Canadian Dollars (CAD)

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

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Application Requirements for Doctorates:

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    Acadia University in Rankings

    • Acadia University ranks 2nd in the  “Undergraduate Education” Category (Maclean’s 2021)
    • Acadia University ranks 28th overall in its “Reputation Rankings” (Maclean’s 2021)

    Cost of living at Acadia University

    500 - 700 Euro / month
    1000 Euro / month
    Cost of living
    200 Euro / month
    75 Euro / month

    About Acadia University

    Founded in 1838 Teaching Staff: 300+ Student population: 3000+
    Type: Public Undergraduate programs: 60
    International Representation: Students from over 60+ countries

    Campus: Contemporary and Urban 

    Postgraduate programs: 17 Language(s) of Instruction: English.
    Location: Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada Scholarships: Available  Research Facilities: 22

    Acadia University is one of Canada’s most recognized and historic universities. Acadia is dedicated to providing students with the options for making the most out of their university experience.

    Acadia is well known as one of the best higher education institutions in Canada and continues to rank in the top spot for many decades. Acadia also has a respected international reputation and they are a laureate of the Smithsonian Institution.

    Courses at the university are taught by Acadia’s esteemed faculty members and the university offers over 200 programs at bachelors, masters, and doctorate level.

    Acadia is one of the oldest universities in Canada, standing as the 7th oldest in the country established in 1838. With its 182-year long history, Acadia’s degrees are recognized all over the world, offering high-quality education from a top-ranking university at an affordable cost.

    There are 4 faculties and 30 majors with over 200-degree programs, providing students with a vast spectrum of career opportunities.

    Most of the programs offered here are Co-op or Honor-Based (thesis or research-oriented) and Acadia is very popular for its flexibility in degree options giving you the chance to customize your education.

    With a student population strength of over 3,500, Acadia University is number one in Nova Scotia for education and research, which proves why all their undergraduate programs are very popular amongst international students.

    Foreign students from over 60 countries worldwide are represented on the university’s diverse campus. Acadia’s average class size is 28, and its student/professor ratio stands at 14:1 ensuring that students are taught in a close-knit environment with close associations with their peers and lecturers.

    The university also has an open-door policy where students can relate freely with professors, to get the answers they seek.

    Acadia is located in the small town of  Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where students live and learn on Acadia’s historic and contemporary campus with fascinating infrastructures and state-of-the-art facilities.

    The campus is easy to navigate and is located just steps away from downtown Wolfville, and just 500 meters from the ocean. It is a friendly and safe environment full of scenery, shops, and restaurants, everything required by a student is available here.

    Acadia students bring enthusiasm and challenge themselves, more so pushing their professors to learn new material and build updated and exciting content into their lectures.

    Ranking and Reputation

    Top 5 Undergraduate University in Canada

    The #1 Undergraduate University in Nova Scotia

    A-score for Student Satisfaction

    A-score for Reputation among Employers

    A-score for Quality of Education

    A-score for Class Size


    Acadia University provides over $4 million in scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid to its local and international students both at entry-level and during the course of their programs.

    Counseling and Well-being

    Acadia University promotes inclusion and diversity on campus and remains devoted to creating a safe and welcoming space for its students. In that light, students who face certain challenges or encounter problems relating to classroom understanding, dealing with their studies and social life, and even living in residence, can share these matters with the university’s counseling unit made up of skilled professionals who deal with these type of matters immediately.


    Acadia University has adequate medical facilities that operate on the clock to cater to whichever medical or health concerns that may arise from the students and staff. There is a medical clinic with doctors and nurses who are promptly responsive to any medical emergencies and can attend to the campus body in all health-related situations. The medical center also has an operations unit that maintains strong ties with the state hospital within the region, with an on-ground active transportation unit in case of severe circumstances.


    Students with physical disabilities or challenges are warmly welcomed by Acadia University. The campus is well set-up to accommodate all their needs, buildings designed with romps, assistive learning devices, car-park lanes, elongated and elevated walk paths, wheelchair services, physical and mental exercises, and all the necessary support that is required.

    Learning Features

    Acadia University has several services that encourage student participation and creates a wholesome learning experience on campus, it is no wonder why their students perform very well in their academics.

    There are many indoor and outdoor classroom activities, with regular quizzes and tests to access the student’s growth over the course of a semester.

    Likewise, one-on-one meetings and hands-on education are adopted by Acadia’s lecturers and professors, providing every possible academic support that the student can use to succeed.

    Acadia’s professors also partner with students on several advocacy matters and reforms, many also assist students secure internship positions or research grants for their studies.

    The Acadia Farm

    This is a student-led and student-operated agricultural initiative by Acadia’s students on campus. All the food crops and produce are grown locally and consumed by the students and staff in the university dining hall.

    Exchange Programs

    The university allows for exchange studies in any of its partner institutions abroad, its excellent exchange study programs allow students in their second or third year to travel and experience a new location for one semester or a few months. This better exposes Acadia students to new cultures, languages, and people in different countries globally. Acadia students from Canada take advantage of this program, seizing an opportunity to learn from a broader perspective outside of their shores.



    Why Study at Acadia University


    One most distinctive feature of an Acadia University education is that students are directly involved in research, this is something that is built into the curriculum. The university has had a tradition of many honors programming with researchers, and students can take on Summer projects for undergraduates as well through the entire year and defend it in the Fall thesis, something that is typically for graduate-level studies in most higher institutions. Acadia’s research activities are very regional-centered ensuring that the bulk of it benefits the community overall.

    Program and Degree options

    One most distinctive feature of an Acadia University education is that students are directly involved in research, this is something that is built into the curriculum. The university has had a tradition of many honors programming with researchers, and students can take on Summer projects for undergraduates as well through the entire year and defend it in the Fall thesis, something that is typically for graduate-level studies in most higher institutions. Acadia’s research activities are very regional-centered ensuring that the bulk of it benefits the community overall.

    Learning with Experience

    One most distinctive feature of an Acadia University education is that students are directly involved in research, this is something that is built into the curriculum. The university has had a tradition of many honors programming with researchers, and students can take on Summer projects for undergraduates as well through the entire year and defend it in the Fall thesis, something that is typically for graduate-level studies in most higher institutions. Acadia’s research activities are very regional-centered ensuring that the bulk of it benefits the community overall.


    Nova Scotia province is one of the most populous provinces in the eastern part of Canada, it stands now as one of the booming economies in the country thanks to its harbors that permit many financial activities, with many world-renowned organizations setting up in the area. Nova Scotia is the second-warmest region in the country and the temperature is quite moderate throughout the year. The region is also quite famous for its outdoor and leisure activities, restaurants, and its wineries. Halifax is at a distance of approximately 85 km from Wolfville and students can directly reach Nova Scotia from their home countries.

    Future possiblilities

    Acadia University is one that in many ways is evocative of another time, and it has a sense of values, understanding why they exist and what they stand for. Research shows that a good portion of its international students, end up stay in Nova Scotia or Canada, a testament to the fact that Acadia is a portal into life in the country.

    Accommodation Acadia University

    On Campus Accomodation at Acadia University

    There are 11 different residence options available on campus, these halls accommodate more than 1,500 Acadia students with classrooms, dining hall, just at proximity, allowing students to easily commute within 3 to 5 minutes.

    All residences have internet connectivity in each room, and facilities such as laundry rooms, game rooms, study/workrooms, and a gym. The residences are for both male and female students and have unique rooms, that are well equipped with all the necessary furniture and home devices that students may require such as refrigerators, study tables, wardrobes, kitchenettes, and lots more.

    Throughout their stay on campus, students will have the support of resident assistants to assists them with any questions or concerns. Students make important friendships and great connections on campus.

    There are also no utility bills included and a guaranteed 8-month lease for all students, residence rooms or suites come in singles or doubles. The residences are also very safe with security cameras and personnel that constantly monitor the interior and exterior perimeters of the residences.

    Off Campus Accomodation at Acadia University

    Wolfville is a small and safe town with a beautiful and clean environment and a population of just 4,200 residents. Acadia’s large campus houses all its residences, however, some students opt to live in private houses within the town, to truly experience the town or for privacy reasons. There are many areas closeby that have private accommodations or apartments that Acadia’s students can rent.

    Typically, in Canada the closer you stay to the downtown core, the more expensive rent will be, but for some students, the convenience of being just a short distance from campus may outweigh the extra costs and might even allow saving costs on transportation. Plus, there are also countless shops and restaurants just around the corner. 

    Students who venture further out from the downtown will find more affordable options or in some cases a larger apartment that costs the same price as a smaller one downtown. Traveling to and from campus can be made easy by looking for an apartment that is close to the metro station.

    Sports at Acadia University

    Acadia University has a complete sports arena, an athletics complex, and there are a number of open green spaces on campus where students can engage in a lot of extracurricular activities.

    Acadia sports clubs are fully student-oriented and created by students for students. These sports clubs encourage active participation, wellness, and healthy living amongst students on campus.

    Students are provided with useful opportunities to express themselves through sports, enabling spaces that enhance student life and general university experience.

    There is a wide scope of recreationally-centered activities that students can delve into, enjoying the opportunity to interact and socialize with individuals who share similar interests.

    Students who also wish to develop or train their skills can engage in many competitive and interactive sports events organized at the local or national levels, giving them a brilliant avenue to showcase Acadia University in a positive light to the world.

    Some competitive, interactive, performance-based, and recreational sports games and activities in the university include; Baseball, Rugby, Hockey, Skating, Field  Lacrosse, Ringette, Table Tennis, Fencing, Equestrian, and many others.


    Food at Acadia University

    There are 4 different dining halls that serve a wide selection of culinary specials from all around the world and a comfortable environment. Meals are exquisitely made by top chefs with a 5-star background offering students with delectable dishes and palate delights throughout the day.

    Students can choose a meal plan that suits them and other students with dietary requirements and concerns are sure to find a suitable dish without compromising. The university also regularly monitors the kind of foods that are served to students for quality purposes.

    There is a team of people who regularly check for quality and hygiene standards ensuring that meals are prepared under premium health and safety conditions. There are also many campus café’s on campus at various locations that serve staff and students of Acadia University.

    About Wolfville

    Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces and has no problem showcasing its culture, scenery, and coastline. It stands as the only British colony to ever have been given a Latin name, Nova Scotia means New Scotland.

    The capital of Nova Scotia is the city of Halifax, one of Canada’s oldest population centers. Today Halifax is in fact one of the country’s most prosperous cities and one of the best places to live in Canada.

    The ethnic origins of Nova Scotia inhabitants include the Scottish, English, Irish, the original aboriginals, Germans, African Canadians, and Acadians, and this immigrant diversity continues to grow, today’s population is over 970,000.

    Nova Scotia’s traditionally resource-based economy has become more diverse in recent decades since 1991 offshore oil and gas has become an increasingly important part of the economy.

    Though only the second-smallest province in Canada, Nova Scotia is a recognized exporter. It is the world’s largest exporter of Christmas trees, lobster, gypsum, and wild berries. Its export value of fish exceeds $1 billion and fish products are received by over 90 countries around the world.

    Temperature-wise, Nova Scotia is a great place to live, due to the oceans moderating effects, it is the warmest place in Canada. Nova Scotia is a great place to visit, explore all the cities and small towns, visiting amazing museums where you learn so much, and have cool adventures in nature that you can never forget.



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