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Student Life in Canada

Canadians are stereotypically polite and slow to anger, their humble and polite nature has termed to be one of the welcoming countries to foreigners. Also, Canada is an immigrant country with a population of different ethnicities bounded in this beautiful melting point of cultures duly represented.

However, new students may experience culture shock even difficulties in adapting to the new weather and time zones. No worries because in a short time most students ride this new wave and familiarize with their new environment.

Canada has a credit system that helps new residents and students just coming into the country when they first open an account, it is called the new to Canada account plan, this plan gives cash advance with a limit of up to 1,000 CAD in a month. the government has this in place to access how good of a resident the individual is.

Some the banks that have this favorable new student plans include; TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, BMO. Students should also come with an international MasterCard to better enable them access to funds.

For transportation, student bus plans are a monthly or weekly form using a metro pass for 120 CAD per month students can go anywhere at any time without worrying of paying bus fares. Student tickets and tokens are available on any transport service in the country. Students are always encouraged to always ask for them.

Ridesharing is also very popular among students in Canada, students can pitch a ride with other students heading in the same direction and they all split the cost. Some common ridesharing platforms in Canada are Zipcar, Autoshare, and car2go. UBER is a well-known option but is a bit more expensive but also very effective. Cycling is also very obtainable for ease of movements within the town.

Students coming into the country for the first time must note that not all phone types work with the phone carriers in Canada, it is also important to check this information before you get a network provider. Top carriers in the country are Bell, Rogers, Telus Mobility with monthly phone bills costing about 62-85 CAD.

There are discount carriers like Wind, Mobilicity, Fido, Charter, Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile and are very helpful to students as their phone bill is between 40-45 CAD all with good mobile services like international calls and internet data all at subsidized costs.

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