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Accommodation for students in Canada

Students who come into the school newly should head to the international center to learn about the available accommodation options in the area. However, our Team at RocApply can also help the student with this such that they are already sorted even before arriving in Canada.

In Lieu of this, there's two major options which are to live on-campus housing and off-campus housing. On-campus housing is usually campus residence accommodation which is actually more costly but effective in terms of access to classes and not paying any utility bill as the housing fees are all-encompassing of those costs.

Also off-campus is in the form homestay which is a term for living in a rented apartment that is shared with other residents. They are generally cheaper but factors like utilities and distance from the university must be considered.

Housing in the big cities can come up to 2,500 CAD while smaller cities can see rent at a lower value of 2,000 CAD. Many way smaller but peaceful areas, usually at the brink of these big cities, have rent at a way more lower price of 1,000 CAD. The same top standard of life is enjoyed in all these areas regardless of the costs

You can book your accommodation directly though RocApply.


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