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Pre-school education in Burundi lasts 2 years, whereby Children start at the age of three and finish around the age of five years. It can be obtained at nursery schools, Kindergarten (KG) schools, or playschools. Here, children are exposed to basic learning activities that help them to attain autonomy and independence. The main aim of pre-primary education is to develop optimal perceptual and motor, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills and prepare students for further education and life in society. pre-school education in Burundi is mostly provided by private schools.

Pre-primary education

  • Ages                            : 3-5 years
  • Duration                       : 2 years
  • Primary Languages     : Kirundi and French
  • Terms                           : 3 terms
  • Admission Term           : Beginning of the term
  • School types                : kindergarten, nursery

Pre-primary education offers a culturally sound environment for children and inculcates values to help them grow both mentally and physically. It creates a formal learning environment where children learn to understand the importance of learning and discipline. pre-primary education offers various activities such as rhymes, drawing, coloring, environmental exploration, art and craft, singing, dancing, and other activities tailored for children.

Examples of International schools offering Pre-primary education in BURUNDI

Cubahiro International School (CIS)- this isis a private, non-sectarian, English medium international school in Bujumbura, Burundi. The school offers a 21st Century top-quality education in English at all levels. The school aims to help students to thrive in a fast-changing world and to equip them with holistic skills that will prepare them to face day-to-day challenges including globalization, technological advancements, and fast-changing demographics, to mention but a few. The school caters to diasporans as well as local students regardless of their cultural differences.

  • Address: Kinindo Avenue du large Po Box: 2073, Bujumbura, Burundi
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Terms: 3

Why Cubahiro?

Here are some reasons why parents should choose to enroll their children at the school

  • low student-teacher ratio.
  • Offers a Well-structured extra-curricular program
  • Continuous evaluation program which ensures quality teaching and learning.
  • Young energetic and highly trained staff.
  • Child-friendly facilities.
  • Safety and security


curriculum- the school offers a challenge-driven, engaging, and learner-centered curriculum and modern teaching methods. The curriculum is designed to equip children with a positive attitude towards learning and prepare them for the dynamic world. the curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child and prepares students to become active, caring, global, and lifelong learners. The curriculum is as follows:


  • Pre-K, K1, K2 only- English, Maths, and Science
  • Foundation (Non-Academics)- Topical Learning, Arts and Crafts, Music, Indoor and OutdoorPlay
  • Tuition and fees- tuition and fees for the year are as follows:
  • restoration costs                                  150 000 BIF per child per trimester.

School Fees Structure for 2020-21

Grade Level               Termly Fees (Fbu)     Yearly Fees (Fbu)      Meals (Fbu) Per month

Kindergarten               720 000                       2 160 000                    50 000

Prospective students- these are some of the Required Documents for enrolment here:

  • An original copy of the child’s report card from the former school.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • Two passport photos.

The French Nelson Mandela School- Bujumbura

It is an international school in Bujumbura that offers a complete curriculum from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. The school is home to more than 370 students from various nationalities. The language of instruction here is french.

Pre-school Section

  • Location                           : Boulevard de l'UPRONA 2630, Bujumbura, Burundi
  • ages                                 : 3-5
  • Duration of study              : 2 years
  • Primary Languages          : French
  • Terms                               : 3 terms

The school aims to assist each child to become more independent and acquire knowledge and skills that will help them to succeed either at school or in the community or a globalized context.

In kindergarten, the children learn to build relationships with other children and with adults, exercise motor, sensory, affective, relational, and intellectual capacities, learn through play, acquire a rich and organized language, and discover the world on their own and learn how to write.

The school offers three nursery classes as follows:

  • TPS / PS (Very Small Section / Small Section) is for children from 2 years old.
  • The Middle Section (MS)
  • The Grande Section.

Tuition and fees- the following are payable as tuition and other fees

School fees Year 2021 - 20221- Registration fees (to be paid at the time of registration)

First registration fees                          200 Euros

Insurance and cooperative costs:

Class                                                   Assurance      Cooperative

Kindergarten                                       5 €                   € 120

Elementary                                          5 €                   € 170

Middle School                                    5 €                   € 170

Registration will only be validated upon presentation of proof of payment of the above fees.

2- School fees (Minerval)

Class                                       Per Quarter                           Per Year

Kindergarten and Elementary             € 888                           € 2,665

Extracurricular activities- The school offers a variety of sporting, artistic and cultural activities that constitute an essential complement in the training of any student. In this perspective, the French School of Bujumbura offers an enriched program of extracurricular activities for all students from PS to CM2. Activities include the choir, cooking, games and theater, breakdance, photography, chess, mini-tennis, computers, coding, Music Club, cooperation games, Judo, Mini-tennis, Oral expression workshop, Mini-tennis, Pottery and crafts, Dances (African, hip-hop, and more.), Athletic games, Chess, Baby Gym, Storytime, Creative hobbies, Computer initiation, Choir, Board games, Acrobatics, Volley-ball, Traditional sports games, drawing, Creation Web, Gymnastics,  Handball, Badminton, Swimming, Drama club, Circus (tightrope walking, juggling), Table Tennis, Rugby, Nature club, the Traditional sports game, to mention but a few.


Bujumbura International Montessori School

This is a private educational school in Bujumbura that is dedicated to providing quality education for children from Crèche to the 12th grade. Children at the pre-primary levels (crèche or kindergarten) learn in a quiet and well-structured environment using Montessori equipment and learning aids which encourage children to explore the world around them. Children are taught in either French or English. The pre-primary Programme aims to prepare children to enter Primary school with confidence.


Kindergarten Section

  • Established: 2006
  • Address: 6 Avenue Rukonwe, Kabondo, Bujumbura, Burundi
  • Ages: 3-5
  • Duration of study: 2 years
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Student population: 185  
  • Terms                    : 3 terms
  • Academic year: September and ends in June


  • Offers A well-rounded education in all areas.
  • Full dining facilities for staff and student lunches and snacks.
  • Has Fully qualified and caring staff.
  • Safety- Children insured against accidents.
  • A secure environment.
  • Separate, safe, and well-equipped playground and play areas


Academics-  the Crèche and Kindergarten sections follow the Montessori methods of learning and allow students to discover the world on their own, with  Hands-on learning. Children are encouraged to speak in both languages and storytelling sessions are conducted daily in both languages to enhance the children’s listening and comprehension skills. The program aims to teach children to read sight words, blend words, read simple stories, recite stories, and express themselves in both English and French. The pre-primary program follows the Montessori method of learning and focuses on areas such as Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture

early learning classes are divided into creche and Montessori classes as follows:

Creche- this is the class for children between the ages of one and a half to two and a half years. Children are taught speaking skills through interacting with their peers and the school environment, responsibility and independence and to express their feelings, share and play well with others and follow instructions.


Montessori 1 is for  Children aged between 2 and a half years up to 4 years. Children are taught to concentrate and develop coordination. Children are taught how to be polite, how to greet their teacher and peers, how to say sorry when they have made a mistake, how to thank, and good habits including arranging things, dusting, self-feeding, and washing hands, to mention but a few.

Montessori 2- this is a class for children aged between 4 and 5 years old. It focuses on discovery and exploration. Learning takes place through a variety of activities and areas including.

a)      Art- to develop their sense of creativity from an early age.

b)      Science- enables them to be aware of their surroundings.

c)      Practical life- children practice what they observe.

d)     Sensorial- children get acquainted with their senses.

e)      Language- children learn to communicate with others, read, and write.

f)       Mathematics- children learn about values and quantity.

Montessori 3- the Montessori three-class prepares children for primary school. Learning is done through and enjoyable through the Montessori activities which are based on play. Most of the children will now be able to read sight words, create words, read storybooks, recite stories, and express themselves. The children at this stage are now able to recognize and write their names, use their numerical skills through counting, matching, and pairing, ordering, sorting according to size, shape, and color, or perform simple addition and subtraction.

Prospective students- the following are required for students who wish to be enrolled here:

  • Proof of age i.e A copy of the student's passport information page
  • Submit Registration Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Previous Academic Year Reports

Tuition and fees-Tuition and Fees for the 2021-2022 School Year are as follows:

Note as well that fees can be paid in BIF or US$.

Class                           Annual                 Termly           Monthly         US$     Lunch

Creche                         1 455 000           485 000           169 750           257     100 000

Kindergarten                2 190 000           730 000           255 500           386     100 000

Key Stage 1 (Yr 1- 2)   2 550 000           850 000           297 500           450      120 000

Key Stage 2 (Yr 3-6)    2 850 000           950 000           332 500           503      140 000

Key Stage 3 (Yr 7-9)    3 600 000        1 200 000           420 000           635      150 000

Key Stage 4 (Yr 10-11) 3 900 000        1 300 000          455 000           688      150 000

Key Stage 5- A Level    4 950 000        1 650 000          577 500           873      160 000

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