European Polytechnical University

EPU | Европейски политехнически университет

European Polytechnical University

Number of students
750€ - 1000€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
November 21, June 10
Application Deadline
10 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

European Polytechnic University (EPU) welcomes you to become part of the family of a thriving private university. The university offers full-time courses in Bulgarian and English in accredited bachelor's programs: Civil Engineering, Applied Informatics, and Green Energy, as well as master's programs: Seismic Engineering, Renovation of Buildings and Structures, Biofuels, Hydrogen Technologies, Solar Energy. , Wind power, personal data security management, and IT management.

How to Apply

You can apply directly online at RocApply

You can apply to participate in multiple projects in order of priority;

You can choose one of three teaching languages: Bulgarian, Italian and English. The relevant language courses are composed of at least 7 students in each group;

When enrolling, students must provide the originals of all application documents.

Required documents for international students

  • The completed application form
  • High school diploma;
  • Academic transcripts from the diploma with scores for all years of study;
  • Documents issued by high school graduates allowing students to receive higher education at home and abroad;
  • Pass (1) TOEFL or other tests to prove English proficiency, or (2) Applicants primary language is the English language, or (3) Other;
  • Medical card issued no more than one month ago;
  • Copy of passport/copy of ID card;
  • Four 3x4cm photos;

NB; The minimum GPA for completing the secondary education diploma, which constitutes the score for your application, must be at least 62% of the highest score in the assessment system of the country/region where the secondary education is located.

Also, there is a €15 application fee that must be paid during the application process.

* Please note that your documents must be originals or notarized copies, and must be officially legalized in the country where you are educated, then translated into Bulgarian and legalized.


** In countries that have signed the Hague Certification Convention, APOSTILLE can be certified instead of the Bulgarian Embassy.

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Tuition and Scholarships at European Polytechnical University

Welcome to the European Polytechnical University, where European traditions and standards are combined with American higher education practicality.

Tuition Fee

EPU is a private university of education and stands out as a specialized university for engineering and applied sciences. Students are expected to pay a tuition fee set by the university every semester or at the start of every academic year.

The tuition fee is dependent on the country of origin of the student and their program choice and program level. Currently, both local and international students can typically expect to pay somewhere from €500 to €1,000 per semester.

Tuition Fee Breakdown

For Bachelor Programs:

Students from countries in the EU: €500,/semester

Students from countries outside the EU: $750/semester

For Bulgarian nationals: BGN 700 (full-time); BGN 500 (part-time)


For Masters Programs:

Students from countries in the EU: €750/ semester

Students from countries outside the EU: €1,000/ semester


Scholarship Availability

Presently, the university does not offer any institution-funded scholarships or financial assistance, this hopes to change in the future. However, international can seek out external or private funding opportunities available for them in Bulgaria.

Cost of living at European Polytechnical University

150 - 300 Euro / month
350 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
30 Euro / month

About European Polytechnical University

Situated in Pernik, Bulgaria, the European Polytechnic University (EPU) is a private engineering and the first technically specialized private higher institution in the country. The university was founded in 2010 and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in an increasing range of subjects.

The European Polytechnic University is a multinational center of interaction between modern education, research, and innovation, international academic and business cooperation. The university personalizes its relations with its students and doctoral students, takes into account their individual capabilities and desires, and prepares them for professional realization in the market environment of the changing world.  

The European Polytechnic University aims to introduce European standards for education, teaching modern curriculum, academic staff of scientists from European universities and international academies, training and assessment by modern methods in an avant-garde professional environment, development of students' values of European civilization.

The European Polytechnic University is a member of the Balkan Universities Association and holds organizational and institutional partnerships with many establishments and universities around the world, including Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, and others.

The diplomas received from EPU are globally recognized and are of the high standards that European education is known for. The university is also a member of international bodies such as;

  • International Federation of Public Administration and Management (IFPAM)
  • CUAM - Consortium of African and Mediterranean Universities
  • Member of the Society of Academic Institutions Accredited by the German Accreditation Agency ACQUIN

Further, proving that programs at this university have been carefully designed and mapped out to ensure students get the best and most updated education that easily models the real world and is transferrable in professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

EPU employs the internationality of higher education as a means to achieve and maintain high quality. The goal of EPU is to promote European education standards, teach modern learning content, have academic staff from European universities and international colleges, educate and evaluate with modern methods in an innovative professional environment, and develop European civilization.

With a wide range of knowledge areas that provide a good foundation for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The fact that EPU’s education courses are only taught in English provides students from different countries with opportunities to learn and perform and restricts our country’s competition.

EPU has established partnerships with leading companies and the direction of business participation in university management. The university carries out multinational cooperation to develop innovative professional training programs to enable students to acquire new skills for successful career development. Many companies are similarly involved in the education of students at EPU.

Why Study at European Polytechnical University

International study environment

The internationality of higher education as a means to achieve and maintain high quality;

Competent Staff

An international academic staff composed of scientists and professors from foreign universities, international research centers, creative organizations, and commercial institutions;

Modern Infrastructure

Receive modern university technical training in an avant-garde university environment, and evaluate students through modern methods related to the quality of students' future professional achievements;

Affordable Education

Encourage the creativity of students and individual innovation, to develop the habit of independent learning, and acquire key abilities and universally applicable "transferable" knowledge and skills.

About Pernik

Pernik, former (1949–62) Dimitrovo, a city in central and western Bulgaria. The city is located on the Struma River, 19 miles (31 kilometers) southwest of Sofia.

Pernik was originally a Bulgarian fortress, known for repelling attacks by Byzantine troops in the early 11th century, and was later ruled by Turkey for five centuries (1396-1878). Since 1891, Pernik has experienced significant industrial growth due to the rich coal deposits in the area, and today Pernik has become Bulgaria’s leading industrial city.

The cultural center of this city is one of the best in the country. Pernik also has a mountain school, a large sports complex with a stadium, a national theater, a symphony orchestra, a museum, and a beautiful park.

The largest city in southwestern Bulgaria is only 30 kilometers from Sofia, in the beautiful Strum Valley, surrounded by the Vitosha, Golobrdo, and Rubin Mountains. The first mention of settlements in the area dates back to the 6th century BC. Today Pernik is home to 90,000 people.

The history of coal mining, metallurgy, and mechanical engineering can be traced back to the 19th century, which makes Pernik one of Bulgaria’s most important industrial centers, as well as a city rich in tradition and culture.

Pardubice and Pernik have maintained a relationship since 2002, although they have not yet signed an agreement on the twin cities. The interrelationships in the cultural field are particularly active.

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