Student Life in Bulgaria

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Student Life in Bulgaria

Student life in Bulgaria is the same as in many other European countries. The environment might take some time to get used once familiarity is established, students go on to have one of the best student experiences ever.

RocApply has spoken with many international students across the country and some useful tips they had to share for new students coming to study in Bulgaria include:

‘Make sure you have an early morning routine. From your first year up to your fourth year, there will be days where you will have to get up as early as 6.00 AM and start your day at 7:30 AM and for the sake of keeping healthy, it is important to get your body used to wake up early. Also try to get eight hours of sleep, to keep your mind and body rhythm intact.’ –Meera 22, from Lebanon, studying at Sofia University.

‘Be organized and detailed, as every facet of your student life in Bulgaria requires optimum organization. Both academic and personal activities must be scheduled and arranged, that's how I have been able to get by these past four years in Uni.’
– Aleksandr, 24 from Russia studying at Medical University- Plovdiv

‘One important tip in terms of saving money is to have a metro bank card because they do not charge for transactions, this is very good for students who only take out small amounts of money or students who come into Bulgaria with an international card.’
- Nguyen 21, from Vietnam, studying at the New Bulgarian University

‘Have an open mind and be open to exploring the city you are studying in, you will find new places to visit and interesting sights to see. Support the local businesses in your area also as Bulgarian locals in university towns are very friendly to international students’
– Elias 22, from Germany studying at the University of National and World Economy

‘Learn basic words in Bulgarian. This is very helpful in your day to day life in Bulgaria. You can also learn and practice the language in your daily interactions with the locals. As a medical student, I have to communicate in Bulgarian with many of the patients I come in contact with and as a caregiver being able to properly understand your patient is key.’
- Nanu 21, from Zimbabwe studying at the Medical University- Varna

- ‘ Go outside your comfort zone. Although moving to Bulgaria is a major step on its own, there is no harm in pushing yourself a little bit more. Whatever additional idea or concept you can bring to your university is always welcomed, as there is always the liberty to do something and create something in Bulgaria.’
– Uswah 24, from the United Kingdom studying at Plovdiv Medical University


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