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Scholarships in Bulgaria

 The following are scholarship options for foreign students in Bulgaria;

Bulgarian scholarship for Bulgarian students

Tuition in Bulgaria is one of the most affordable in Europe, however, students from the EU/EEA area can study in Bulgaria at an even reduced fee. There is also the Bulgarian scholarship for Bulgarian students.

This government-funded scholarship option is open to students from the European community as well, they would only need to take their programs in Bulgarian and write a placement test like the general public in Bulgaria.

The Varna Free University has scholarship schemes

Annually, The Varna Free University has scholarship schemes designed for excellent students that show great academic promise. Also, the scholarship is open to students with exceptional talents and creativity. Likewise, students receive sports scholarships when they have great sports skills. These scholarships are for full tuition and additional living stipends every month.

The Eastern European Study Abroad Scholarship:

This is a series of scholarship programs organized for several foreign students. The scheme is designed in such a way that no deserving student is left behind. The funding covers full or part tuition costs, or in the form of grants to research projects or money given towards covering the students' academic costs.

Monetary value upwards of $2,500 is offered to students with exceptional grades or students who are financially incapable of completing their studies but have very good grades. Students also receive one-year full tuition waivers only but with a basic GPA od 2.5/4.0.

OppU Achievers Scholarships:

This scholarship is open to all foreign students who demonstrate exceptional abilities not only in their academics but also in creating niche spaces to excel for themselves and the people around them. An OppU achiever is one who takes the initiative and goes the extra mile.

The scholarship is offered four times in a year and primarily awards $2,500 towards the student’s tuition and academics. To receive this scholarship the student must be enrolled in a Bulgarian higher institution (bachelors or masters program) and have a CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.

Avidafit Full Science and Law Scholarship:

This scholarship offers full tuition funding to students in science and law programs at bachelor's, masters and doctorate levels.

The scholarship is awarded purely on student merit and students who demonstrate exceptional academic capabilities in the fields of science and law. The scholarship scheme is open bi-annually to applicants from all over the world who are studying in Bulgaria.

The scholarship funds cover the student’s tuition and academic fees, housing allowance, medical insurance and a monthly allowance of $500 during the student’s first year. Monthly stipends will only be continued on the premise that the student maintains excellent grades.

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