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Nightlife in Bulgaria

Bulgaria at night is as exciting and busy as it is during the day, even more so for a student in the country. Start the evening in the city center and soak in all the many activities going on around the city. The city center is ridden with many restaurants, bars, and pubs in old buildings but has very modern aesthetics.

Bulgaria at night time is a beautiful mixture of people and laughter, Bulgarian know how to enjoy themselves and this is very evident in the way they relax. A typical restaurant in many large cities like Sofia serves some of the best local and eastern European cuisines.

The bars serve up some of the finest yet cheapest beers in Europe. Beer is a favorite alcoholic beverage amongst Bulgarians subsequently vodka cocktails in the country are one must-have especially as the night progresses.

Street performances and artistry is very common-place in Bulgaria. Bulgarians enjoy different kinds of music from folklore music with traditional instruments to DJ’s playing some of the most electrifying dance music.

As a new student in Bulgaria, make your way to the city center on the weekends and participate or enjoy the many side attractions and beauty that the country provides.

Student life in student cities like Plovdiv or Varna is ridden with student activities and clubs. These clubs have events every month some of which are leisure or adventure-oriented.

Park visits, Camping, and outdoor movie watching are some of the favorite activities of students in Bulgaria. Please note that the legal age for the consumption of alcohol in Bulgaria is 18 and drinking as a minor is prohibited.

Sunny Beach is a favorite tourist destination for travelers from around the world, and it is another exciting destination for the ultimate nightlife experience in Bulgaria.

Take a stroll along ‘flower street’ strip in Sunny Beach and see all the magnificent bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants that are open from dusk till dawn. Try the many street foods and visit all the recreational centers littered across the area.

The amazing lights and bustling activities overlapping the very pristine golden beach waters are one of the favorite things to see.

Because Bulgaria is a very budget-friendly country, the cost to have a good time is not expensive at all. An average student need not worry about the prices of food, drinks and to partake in recreational activities. In many cases, students even pay next to nothing at all and get to create some of the best experiences in Bulgaria.

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