Jobs for Students in Bulgaria

Jobs for Students in Bulgaria

As a foreign student in Bulgaria, you are eligible to work part-time alongside your studies. Many students use this work to cover the bulk of their academic and living expenses. Whichever way, there is an open space for international students to work and study.

Students from the European community do not need a work permit to secure any kind of employment in Bulgaria, they basically enjoy next to the same rights as Bulgarian citizens.

However, students from countries outside of the EU require a work permit in order to work and earn money in Bulgaria. Students can work part-time but only for a maximum of 20 hours a week.

Foreign students in Bulgaria are allowed to work part-time on the condition that they are pursuing a degree program in any Bulgarian university and can combine their duties without neglecting their studies. Part-time jobs in Bulgaria are not only rewarding they are also a good way to build a career portfolio or gain work experience.

Finding part-time work takes a little bit of determination as most of them are not readily available or they require basic or intermediate knowledge of the Bulgarian language. New students in the country can take advantage of the information on campus to source for jobs that will be the best fit for them.

Many universities have jobs on campus that are given solely to students, these jobs include administrative positions, library assistants, jobs in the cafeteria, student affairs positions and student representative positions. Likewise, graduate students have the option of working as a teaching assistant, research assistant or faculty secretary.

Other job opportunities outside of the school environment include jobs in restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, fuel stations, food delivery jobs, fashion and retail jobs, or even talent or special skill-oriented jobs. Tutoring jobs are also available to fluent speakers of English, German, and French.

Also, foreign students can find internships and freelance jobs in many start-up organizations or companies. These jobs require many bright student minds and are very rewarding not only financially but also career-wise.

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