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In Brunei alcohol is banned and there are no bars, casinos, arcades, nightclubs, or dance floors. There are, however, other places to have fun after sundown. The closest thing to a nightlife scene in Brunei is the coffee bars which is where the younger crowd hangs out until midnight. A few of the cafes have pool tables. since 1991 the sale and public consumption of liquor has been banned in Brunei. There aren’t any pubs, bars or nightclubs there. There are however coffee bars, eateries, andcinemas where travelers can enjoy a night out.

Piccolo Cafe- this is a Cafe in Bandar Seri Begawan which serves proper tea and coffee, including cold-brew and other connoisseur interpretations, smoothies and a decent selection of sandwiches, wraps, waffles, pasta and fish and chips. It is a great placeto get a meal while chatting with friends or absorbed in a good book. It is open from 8am-10pm from Saturday to Thursday, and 2-11pm on Fridays.

Kapra Coffee- this is a Coffee bar in Bandar Seri Begawan. It is a pefect place for a good caffeine fix. Guets can enjoy the  piccolo latte, espresso or affogato and perch at the large communal table. There is a wide range of iced coffees and the espresso tonic. It is a great place for an evening out with.

De Royalle Cafe- this is a Cafe in Bandar Seri Begawan. It has a living-room-style indoor area, and outdoor pavement tables. The cafe has serves an Asian-themed menu of noodles, beef rendang and homemade ice cream, and freshly brewed coffee. It is a fine place for a relaxed rendezvous with friends and family. It is almost always open.

Empire Cinema- thuis is a Cinema located in Bandar Seri Begawan. It is A three-screen cinema situated at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, showing all kinds of music including famous and new Hollywood blockbusters.

Mall Cineplex- This is an eight-screen cinema showing the latest movie offerings from Asia and Hollywood. It is located in Bandar Seri Begawan

Board Game Communes are some gaming places where you can enjoy an evening out while playing some board games with locals and friends.

Games & Lattes- this is a gaming commune thatOpens from 11 am to 12 am. It is a friendly and cosy place. Guest can choose any game and challenge friends or play against the locals.

Semporna Enak- is a place that provides a mix of a local-fusion menu, with a bar-selection of drinks. Guests can be served a Midnight menu which is from 10 pm to 6 am.


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