Jobs for Students in Brunei

Every foreigner who intends to work in Brunei must have a valid Employment Visa authorised by the Department of Immigration and National Registration and issued at the Brunei Embassy. Please note, however, that Malaysian and Singaporean students are exempted from this requirement and do not need an employment visa. Part-time job options for students in brunei are as follows:

  • Kitchen helper-both locals and foreign students can apply. These entail serving customers, assisting with cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, to mention but a few.
  • Sales agents- students in brunei can also work as sales agents for cosmetics brands or some insurance companies.
  • On-line project writing- students in brunei can work part time as project or content writers online. This enables them to work on their own  time.
  • Waiters- brunei has a number of restaurants and hotels that need waiters. The job entails taking orders from customers, giving suggestions for food and drinks and letting customers know about new menus, communicating and resolving complaints, and cleaning up after the customers.
  • Shop assistants- this sis one of the most common part-time jobs  for students in a foreign land. They can work as shop assistants and serve customers or assist in sorting customer orders in shops.
  • English tutor- English lecturing or tutoring provides some income for students in most foreign countries. There are many people who pay money to get to learn proper English communication and written language.

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