Flights to Brunei

There are several flight options available for those travelling to Brunei including:                                       

Malaysia Airlines                                        Cebu Pacific

Royal Brunei Airlines                                 Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines    

Air Asia                                                       Lucky Air                      

RB Link                                                       Korean Air                                                         

Airports in BRUNEI

There aren’t many airports in Brunei. There is one main international airport which is also the hub for the country’s flagship carrier.

Brunei International Airport

This is the primary airport in the nation of Brunei. It serves as the hub for Royal Brunei Airlines, the country’s flagship carrier. The Royal Brunei Air Force is also based at the Rimba Air Base, located within the airport's area.

The airport serves destinations across Asia and Oceania as well as flights to Heathrow in London.

The airport has an international terminal which can handle up to two million passengers, a cargo terminal with a capacity to handle  50,000 tonnes of cargo, and a royal terminal where the sultan's flights are based. In 2005 alone, Brunei International Airport handled a otal of 1.3 million passengers.

Anduki Airfield

This is an airport in Seria, in the Belait District. It is operated and mainly used by Brunei Shell Petroleum in support of offshore oil platforms. Brunei Shell Petroleum replaced the grass airstrip with a sealed instrument runway in 2008.



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