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Several accommodation options are available for students in brunei. Whether you want a modern apartment with a city or sea view, a homestay with locals, or an apartment away from the city, they are all available in brunei.

Apartments – apartments in brunei come furnished with a wardrobe and a couch, and a television, and beds. These are fitted with a  kitchen and bathroom.  Apartments in the city centre are more costly than those outside of the city centre. You can find apartments at Kumbang Pasang BSB, Rimbun Suites & Residences, EZ Lodgings, Trueliving Suites and Residences, and Riverside Residence by Gina Suite, to mention but a few.

Student Residence - students can find accommodation and a number of facilities on site at the student dormitories. A proper student residence is beneficial and enhances the life of students. And has a dining hall and courtyard, classroom, study room, meeting room, common room, music room, gym, and laundry room.these are relatively cheaper than other forms of accommodation.

Homestays- there are a number of homestays in brunei. This is most preferred by students as it offer sthe best experience in Brunei. Students get to live with a local family that will guide them through everyday life in Brunei. There are a number of homestays including Poni homestay,  Easyboc Hometsay, Bnanaa Homestay, and Bunut Centre Homestay, to mention but a few.

Shared rooms-Students can opt for shared rooms to minimize the costs of accommodation in Brunei. friends can share a room and hence share the costs. They can rent a room and share the rental mount as agred with the landloard.

Single rooms/ studio/ bachelor pad - Some students may opt to stay in single rooms for privacy and personal space. These are a bit costly and usualy have a single bedroom, a small kitchen, bathroom, and a sitting area or lounge.


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