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Studying abroad is everyone’s dream at some point. The thrill, adventure, and opportunities that accompany it all make-up the whole feeling exuberant! Does the challenge begin when you are asked the following questions?

1. Which country is the best for your semester abroad?

2. How do you apply?

3. How to get there and where to stay?

The answer is right in front of your eyes!! Welcome to RocApply British Virgin Islands! We answer the entire above question with our digitalized solutions and also make sure your stay in British Virgin Islands as smooth as it can get! Our goal is to dive you into the next generation of application automation at its best while relieving you from unnecessary costs associated with studying abroad and the associated processes!

What is exactly this beautiful gem known for? The British Virgin Islands boast some of the finest sailing, most secluded beaches, and spectacular scuba diving in the entire Caribbean region you don’t want to miss. Unspoiled coral reefs and massive shipwrecks are the most awesome sights beneath the waters of the BVI. Scuba divers can easily navigate most dive sites on their own thanks to clearly set out buoys! What is there to wait for?

To bump into our website you were probably looking to know more about this awesome Caribbean country and we are glad to serve you! Many of the activities on offer in British Virgin Islands are heavily bound on the country’s geography and outdoors. This is no surprise considering the expansive and diverse nature of the country’s scenery.

From the beautiful coastline, where many water-based activities are available, to the British mountainous regions, where many overland trekking and hiking excursions can be done, there’s something here for every adventure-seeker and adrenaline junkie.

This country makes it perfect for a semester abroad with its diversity and uniqueness! There are, also a few activities that are geared towards those with a tamer spirit and less of a sense of adventure. Students wanting to learn more about British Virgin Islands’ diverse and exciting culture should look into one of the many homestay or village visit options.

If you are a lover of nature and adventure you will be happy with the plethora of outdoor activities on offer in this magnificent county. There are many routes that cater to different levels and abilities, so whether you are a regular or a first-timer, they will be something for you. Visits of this nature can be arranged with your university alongside tourist guide firms.

The country has a vast coastline, and there are many areas, both on and off the coast, that are perfectly designed for diving and snorkeling. The list of things you can do here is endless! The ball in your court now to decide whether this remains an imagination or a reality!

RocApply will help you with the application process to anyone of the institutions in the country and arrange your travel plans as part of it! We have a team of committed individuals that is ready to help you with any issues as they may arise from your planned education path here! Keep scrolling to learn more about International Studies and Universities in the country!

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About British Virgin Islands

If water sports are in your list of priorities, you will not be disappointed by the crystal clear seas and classic, pristine sandy shores of British Virgin Islands. The country is well-known for its diving and snorkeling, and contains many famous dive spots including reefs and wrecks. Trips can be easily arranged, and transfers off the island are provided. Chartering a yacht to tour the smaller islands of the Virgin Islands for a few days is another great option.

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” Two of the present-day British Virgin Islands inspired author Robert Louis Stevenson to write both the lyrics of this famous pirate shanty and the novel in which it first appeared, Treasure Island, in 1883. The story where Blackbeard’s crew was stranded on Dead Chest Island with only their bottle to pass the time may only be a legend, but the infamous pirate did use Tortola, the biggest of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as his home base.

Tourism and offshore financing have long replaced pirates and pillaging as the main industries in the British Virgin Islands, now among the most excelling islands in the entire Caribbean. Remnants of more volatile times are evident among the shipwrecks buried underneath its pristine waters and the pirate gold allegedly hidden beneath Norman Island, the major inspiration of Treasure Island.

The 1867 RMS Rhone mail ship buried in two separate situations around Salt Island may be the most famous of numerous British Virgin Islands shipwrecks, but it is by no means the only submerged vessel scuba divers can investigate during their stay on the islands. Each of the twenty-one national parks has its own hidden delights, from the relaxing pools and gigantic boulders at Virgin Gorda’s popular The Baths National Park to the rainforest trails at Tortola’s Sage Mountain National Park, named after the tallest of all the British Virgin Islands peaks.

Many British Virgin Islands boat dwellers sleep on their own vessels, but landlubbers also have much of places to stay, even private islands for rent such as Guana Island, Peter Island Resort, and Sir Richard Branson’s estate Necker Island. The BVI are also infested with smaller hotels, intimate villas, private guest homes, and other more modest rooms, but camping is only allowed on authorized sites. The most famous local specialties are Anegada lobster and the British take on East Indian roti bread washed down with plenty of rum punch.

All visitors to the British Virgin Islands must arrive by boat or by air from a handful of other Caribbean islands to Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, the territory’s only major airport. Although there are no car rental services here, you can find plenty of courtesy vans and water taxis ready to transport guests around the islets. The airport is also within short walking distance of the Trellis Bay dock.

All inclusive eco-lodges nestled among the secluded yet easily-accessible bays provide a peaceful stay on the islands, within easy reach of natural attractions. Closer to the main strip of restaurants and nightlife, you will find a plethora of quality accommodations for all budgets near the popular beaches.

About the British Virgin Islands' Economy

The operation also supports the Government’s measures for better environment and natural resource management, including consolidated coastal zone management and inclusion of environmental sustainability requirements in resource procurement. Plastic pollution represents one of the Caribbean’s main environmental challenges that is polluting watersheds, coastal areas, the ocean, and poses a threat to ocean biodiversity and tourism development.

GDP will partially recover this year from the coronavirus crisis which hit tourism badly (tourism contributes up to one-third of the territory's GDP). This will exacerbate existing economic weaknesses owing to the long-term drop of the offshore business-incorporation sector (which recorded its weakest year ever in 2019) and the continued recovery from the devastating 2017 hurricane season. The ruling Virgin Islands Party will fight to address these challenges.

The economy, one of the most stable and prosperous in the region, is highly dependent on tourism, which generates an estimated 45 percent of the national income. More than 934,000 tourists, mainly from the US, visited the islands in 2008.

Because of traditionally close links with the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands has used the United States dollar as its currency since 1959. Livestock raising is the most important agricultural activity; poor soils limit the islands' ability to meet domestic food requirements.

In the mid-1980s, the government began offering offshore registration to companies wishing to incorporate in the islands, and incorporation fees now grow substantial revenues. Roughly 400,000 companies were on the offshore registry by year end 2000.

The adoption of a comprehensive insurance law in late 1994, which offers a blanket of confidentiality with regulated statutory gateways for investigation of criminal crimes, made the British Virgin Islands even more attractive to international business.

The Government has also made it a goal to ensure that existing industries such as tourism are sustainable and economically sound over the long-term. In response the BVI Tourist Board launched its Sustainable Tourism Environmental Programme targeted at helping hotel and other property owners manage their dwellings in an environmentally friendly way.

Among other things, the programme will offer property managers with Standard Operating Best Practices that are instrumental for each property becoming sustainable and offer training for members of staff at the properties.

Why Study in British Virgin Islands

Affordable Tuition Fees in British Virgin Islands
The country is a great country for research and higher education. Not to forget it is a country that had a very old heritage and picturesque scenery, British Virgin Islands is a must-visit. The breathtaking landscapes and high mountains are just a few attractions in British Virgin Islands. Many other locations are of great interest to students here more so.
Affordable Accomodation in British Virgin Islands
During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the British Virgin Islandsan people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academicrelationships that will culminate endless opportunities after your study abroad. These networks strengthen the student's understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!
International Environment in British Virgin Islands
World-Class Institutions
British Virgin Islands universities’ performance is outstanding amidst its population and GDP compared with other developed countries and regions. Taking the territorial area into account, the country has the most densely located world-class universities than any other places in the world. The institutions here are internationally accredited. British Virgin Islands has many popular universities that provide quality higher education.
Great Weather in British Virgin Islands
Scholarship Opportunitiese
The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the entire Caribbean; in particular British Virgin Islands and several programs help with the many expenses of deserving students. It is also very easy to obtain a student visa for studying here. Students have a chance to obtain scholarship from various organizations here and study abroad with easy.

Scholarships in British Virgin Islands

Students prospecting to study in British Virgin Islands looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the British aids. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

British Virgin Islands Student Visa

It is never easy to understand how to get a student visa abroad, in British Virgin Islands the procedures don’t take long. RocApply has decided to write a functional guide to help you understand the essential procedures and actions step by step. There are many excellent universities in British Virgin Islands. The universities, colleges, and schools are well-known in the academic community. A vast number of international students are willing to get an education in the best universities here.

To study in one of these universities, international students must get a British student visa depending on their country of origin. RocApply has made it easy for you to follow what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide! It is, however, advised to always check with the consulate/embassy for more details on visa requirements.