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If you are still contemplating on where to pursue your higher education, take a deep breath and embrace yourself to learn about great Brazil as it goes on RocApply guide.

There is quite a number of monuments that will glee your eye in this country ranging from beautiful terraines to its majestic residents.

The country is a perfect destination to that student who has a keen balance of books and fun as it will leave you wanting more. There are over 55,000 international students in Brazil, making it one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the Americas.

Students here do not only have a great time together exploring handicraft fairs, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, Corcovado Mountains, and various cultural institutions and attractions, but they also take street dance parties on samba, capoeira, and dança afro.

As Sílvia says, “Learning doesn’t just happen in the university. You have to live other experiences and live the language in a real dimension.”There is a lot to do at universities here. After removing the dust, cleaning the floor, and doing my laundry, I give myself a few hours to relax by reading books, playing games, and watching some YouTube videos. The weekends are also the perfect opportunity to catch up with my friends in town and hook around colleagues. Sometimes I meet them for lunch on Saturdays, and we have a meal in a local restaurant and go partying on occasions as the norm in Brazil. –I love this great country.”

Partying never grows old in Brazil. The most intriguing part of being a student here is your likelihood to be a proficient Portuguese speaker by the end of your academic period as vast Brazilians primarily speak Portugues.

You will catch many friends than you would expect here as most Brazilians are welcoming and friendly people. Getting along streets is not hustle as you would find help generously without much worry.



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