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Nightlife in Brazil exemplifies South America at its best: diverse, swarming, and intense. From small pool bars to swanky and nightclubs with queues of hopeful partygoers lining up for hours Brazil offers expats whatever kind of diversion they desire.

When compared to the nightlife scene in Europe, Australia, or elsewhere, Brazil keeps up with all of them in the quality and quantity of its nightspots.

Snazzy nightclubs in Brazil can be compared to any trendy hotspot in New York City or Berlin. Current music and famous DJs make their way to here, and live music is often heard booming through the speakers.

Visitors are usually allowed in soon after arriving at the gates of these clubs as long as they are all well dressed and not wearing tennis shoes.

Several neighborhoods are popular among travelers due to their exuberant party scene. Samba concerts and comedy shows are also common entertainment options here.

Any night of the week you'll find plenty of ways to experience Brazil’s electrifying nightlife: open-air bars by the lake; festive outdoor drinking spots on the streets; beachfront kiosks; stylish lounges and nightclubs; and warm and welcoming botecos (small open-air bars) that are scattered all across cities.

Brazil has some great places to shake your bunda (booty). DJs pull from the latest house, drum and bass and hip-hop favorites, as well as uniquely Brazilian combinations such as electro-samba and bossa-jazz more frequently.

In addition to local DJs, Brazil attracts a handful of vinyl gurus from, New York and London to spin at bigger affairs. Flyers advertising dance parties can be found in boutique prior to party days, always keep an eye.

At many clubs in the city, you will receive a control card when you enter. Rather than paying for individual drinks, your card will be marked each time you order. At the end of the night, you will head to the cashier and pay for your food and drinks, plus the admission charge.

You should never lose the card, as you'll be hit with a hefty fee (upwards of R$200). Usually, bars open from 6 pm to 2 am Monday to Friday, from noon on Saturday and Sunday. Most places stay open later (typically till 4 am) on Friday and Saturday nights. Nightclubs From 11 pm to 5 am Thursday to Saturday.

A draft beer costs R$8 to R$12; cocktails cost R$15 to R$25, up to R$40 at pricier lounges. Most bars tack on a 10% service charge. Fridays and Saturdays are the most expensive nights, with admission averaging around R$50.

Women sometimes pay less than men, for most obvious reasons. The dress code at clubs isn't strict in here. Neat shorts and sneakers are fine, though flip-flops and swimsuits are no-nos.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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