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Coming to a foreign country to study is complicated enough, without having to worry about where you are going to live, who can be trusted, and which neighborhoods are safe. That's why we are happy to arrange student accommodation in Brazil for you.

Our accommodations are carefully selected, clean and in a safe environment for your entire time of stay. There are many options, but in general, it concerns a shared or a private room with shared living space, kitchen, and bathroom.

We work with fixed addresses that we have fully checked. Finding cheap student housing and affordable long-stay accommodation in the big cities can be very hard since affordable housing is scarce.

So please plan ahead, do not book the last minute or we won't be able to cater. When it comes to student housing in Brazil, campus accommodations or dormitories are not the norms in Brazilian universities.

Both Brazilian and international students generally live in rental apartments also known as Repúblicas, which are often located near the campus premises.

Living with others aids to international students an integrated social network. An immersive new experience between cultures, and the ability to fully integrate into the local culture becomes imperative.

Apartment sharing can help cut costs dramatically in most instances. Living in larger cities is more expensive. The full apartment rentals can be up to R. 1,600 per month.

Renting an apartment alone can be a bit difficult in Brazil, and references from previous owners are usually necessary if one is to search independently. This is why it is advisable to seek help from an agency like RocApply prior to traveling.

Facts about Accommodation in Brazil

  • Universities in Brazil don’t normally offer accommodation to their students, so unlike other countries, most students live in private accommodation.
  • It’s worth contacting your chosen university’s international office in advance to see if they can provide you with advice on where to stay.
  • It might be worth booking into a hostel for the first month or so of your studies, as it is much easier to find accommodation once you are in the country.
  • Many universities will also help their students to organize homestays, where students live with a host family.
  • Brazil has a relatively high cost of living compared to other South American countries, but as with every country, the higher the standard of living you want, the more you will pay.


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