Botswana Visa Requirements for international students

Visa Requirements for Students in Botswana

Visa requirements for students that want to study in Botswana are different for students depending on their citizenship. Select you country below, learn about the relevant regulations and find the embassies and consulates in your country!

Once you have been admitted into one of the Botswana institutions, one of the first things students need to do is apply for a students’ visa.

A Student visa a requirement for a non-Botswana national for them to study in any of Botswana’s tertiary institutions. However, there are citizens that are exempted from seeking a visa to study in the country.

Students from Commonwealth countries and Southern African Development Community countries are excluded from applying for visas due to Botswana being a member of these organs.

Applications for a student not in need of a visa Commonwealth and SADC international students will only be processed after the student has been admitted into a university.

The university in question will provide the student with documentation proving the latter’s admission and that will be presented at immigration officer’s request when entering the country.

It is important to research whether your country is part of these above-mentioned organizations. If you are not part of the Commonwealth and SADC, do not worry.

There are two types of visas a student can be granted to study in Botswana, and these depend on the duration of their stay.

One is a waiver and the other is a study visa/permit. Here is how you can apply to study in Botswana:

A Waiver applies to those students staying less than six months.

Requirements for a waiver application:

  • Copy of the admission letter from the student’s learning institution
  • Copy of sponsorship letter
  • A certified copy of the information page of the student’s passport that contains the passport details
  • A letter from the Office of International Education & Partnerships.

A study visa applies for those students staying over a period of 6 months:

Requirements for study visa application:

  • Copy of admission letter from the learning institution
  • Copy of sponsorship letter
  • Two passport size photos.
  • A certified copy of the information page of the student’s passport
  • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Payment of immigration fees
  • A letter from the Office of International Education and Partnerships.

1.Step: Select your Country

Study Visa Information for Students from

Visa Type Cost
Study Visa required

Embassies and Consulates in for obtaining a Visa

If you fail to submit all the documents in time, the embassy will ask you to book another date for your appointment, therefore to avoid delays please submit all the documents in full.

As the Visa process for international students can take up to 3 months, depending on the country, we strongly encourage you to calculate enough time for it.


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