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To study at a tertiary institution in Botswana you need to have a stable financial sponsor for the duration of your study. Most international students have the option of applying for scholarships to study in the institutions they desire.

RocApply Tip: it is important to research whether the scholarship you apply for covers the region/institution you want to study at. Some scholarships are specific to the student’s home country, field/program, region, and level of study.

Here are some scholarships that students need to consider;

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

This scholarship is for America citizens and administered by the U.S Department of State. It targets financially underprivileged students across the diverse American society.

It is advisable for students in this area to apply for the scholarship. Through its Pell Grant, the students qualify for funds to study abroad. Gilman Scholars to Botswana earn up to $7,000 for their programs abroad.

Fogarty International Center/Ellison Clinical Research Training Fellowships

Prospective students with keen interest of research in the health and medical field can apply for this scholarship.

Students that qualify for the scholarship may choose to work in a National Institute of Health lab in Botswana.

Fulbright Scholarships

This opportunity to study in Botswana is for graduate students and doctoral candidates in any field of study.

Every year, applicants of the prestigious scholarship have to apply to a university in Botswana after highlighting their preferred program of study or an impressive research proposal.

Students offered this opportunity are fully funded to study in Botswana. Knowledge of the local Setswana language is an added advantage to securing this scholarship.

The School for International Training (SIT)

This is an opportunity is open for students with an interest in Ecology and Conservation where they have an opportunity to explore the Botswana ecosystem provides several other international study programs including these scholarships.

Some universities in Botswana provide scholarship opportunities for international students on behalf of foundations, trusts and corporates, and institution-based scholarships.

These opportunities come at different degree levels and can be applied for online at the University’s website. It is important for students to check for scholarship opportunities at their prospective institution’s website when applying.

Here is a list of some of the scholarships for international students that might be on university websites:

  • This Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters scholarship
  • IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies
  • POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships For Developing Countries
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program


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