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Primary education in Botswana ranges from standard one up to standard 7. Other schools also include a reception year, though not compulsory. Primary education is a very crucial stage in the educational system, and the government of Botswana strives to make it accessible to all children.

The primary education system in Botswana places importance on children being literate first in Setswana and then in English. From the first four grades, children are taught in Setswana as the medium of instruction and thereafter, English. Upon completion of primary school, students sit for the Primary School Leaving Examinations. This will allow them to progress into secondary school thereafter.

  • Duration of study: 7 years
  • Ages                : 6-12 years
  • Primary Languages: Setswana, English
  • Terms: 3 (1st term- January to April, 2nd Term- May to August, and 3rd Term September to December)
  • Admission Term: 1st Term (January)
  • School types: Private and Public

Foreigners can enroll their children in any of the public schools in Botswana, although resources in most public schools may be a challenge. Private schools are better resourced than public schools and offer an international curriculum.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the schools in Botswana that offer education to international students. 

Northside Primary School

This is a school located in Gaborone. The school provides a safe, nurturing, fun, and engaging environment for all students. It aims to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to face the world and their future.

  • Established: 1974
  • Address: Plot 2786, Tshekedi Crescent Ext 9, Gaborone, students
  • Student Population: 550+ (34+ nations)
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Terms: 3
  • Membership: Council of International Schools, the Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa, and the Conference of Heads of Private Schools of Botswana.
  • Accreditation: International Baccalaureate, the Council of International Schools (CIS), Ministry of Education.

Prospective students

Students who intend to study here and parents who want to enroll their children here should note a few things before they initiate the application process. Students may enroll at the school at any time during the year, from January to December. Once the application has been approved, parents will be required to arrange fee payments with the Bursar. Below are the steps and requirements to apply for admission at the school.

  • An application form must be completed accompanied by a registration fee of P200 paid.
  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • Student’s most recent school report or portfolio of work.
  • All applicants are assessed to determine appropriate placement, and the final decision regarding placement rests with the Northside Primary School administration.
  • Parents or guardians of a student needing or receiving any special support, including remedial support, speech or language therapy, occupational or physical therapy, or seeing an educational specialist outside of the regular classroom, must inform the school upon registration.

Every student will be assessed before being offered a place. Assessments for Standard 1 to 7 are only offered once a place becomes available in the relevant standard.

The school offers a variety of lunchtime and after-school clubs and activities offered from Monday- Friday. There are a variety of teams who take part in recreational and non-competitive sports, art, drama, music, computer club, judo, and dance, to mention but a few.

Regent Hill International School

This is a co-educational multicultural English medium international school that strives to provide a unique educational experience, by combining local and international curriculums. The school creates a vibrant atmosphere in which all learners can thrive and achieve their full potential. One of the school’s aims is to create a modern school environment where children initiate, explore, develop and take responsibility for their learning.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Location: Gaborone
  • Terms: 3
  • Curriculum: Cambridge, PSLE

The school has several schools or campuses including Block 9 Campus, Molepolole Campus, Metsimothlabe Campus, and Tlokweng Campus. Students are taught in a variety of areas including Maths, English, Setswana, Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Agriculture, and Science, to mention but a few.

Sporting activities that students can engage in here include basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, netball, and football. The school offers enrichment classes including Art, Music, and Khan Academy Courses, French, and PE, to Mention but a few.

Prospective Students.

To be considered for admission into the school applicants should provide the following:

  • A completed application form with a P200 registration fee
  • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Photocopies of the latest school reports
  • A photocopy of a health card, showing the student applicant's immunization records, for students aged 6 or below.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Copy of parent or legal guardian’s ID
  • Non-citizens should provide documents that prove that they are legally residing in Botswana with their children.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and other fees for the year are as follows;

Standards 1 to 6

  • Non-refundable Registration Fee- P200
  • Non-refundable Development Levy- P1000
  • Standard 1- P7950 per term.
  • Standard 2 to 6- P8440 per term.
  • Refundable book security deposit- P400

Standard 7

  • 1st and 2nd term- total P12 825
  • School fees for the whole year payable by end of term 2- P25 650

Broadhurst Primary School

This is an Independent private non-profit school in Botswana. The school aims to provide a caring environment of learning and experience, where children may develop fully, acquire the knowledge and skills to equip them for living, develop respect for themselves, and the world around them, and make a difference in the future. The school also aims to provide a high-quality, unique, and private primary school education to both citizens and expatriates.

  • Address: Plot 8578, Lenyapyiri Road, Broadhurst, Gaborone.
  • Ages: 4-13
  • Type: Private, Co-educational
  • Student Population: 400
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Curriculum: Adapted or School-Developed Curriculum
  • Terms: 3


The school is divided into the junior primary (reception to standard 3), and senior primary (standard 4 to 7). The junior primary aims to ensure that pupils develop their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, and physical skills, and preparing them for their school career. The senior primary aims to continue strengthening the students’ cognitive skills of problem-solving and independent thinking. At this level, students are introduced to more specialist subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences in addition to Music, Physical Education and Languages (French, and Setswana)

The school offers a broad curriculum that includes several subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences, Music, Physical Education, Languages, computer studies, library, to mention but a few.

Students can choose from several sporting activities including Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Chess, Soccer, Netball, Athletics, cricket, and Softball, to mention but a few.

Tuition and fees

  • The fees and other costs charged at the school are as follows:
  • Application Fee- P 250
  • Deposit-P 500 (Refundable)
  • Development Levy- P 5000 (Non-Refundable)
  • School Fees per Term- P 20 530 about P61 590 per year.

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