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International students can use RocApply services in applying for programs at Botswana institutions Our RocApply team is always ready to help in securing university placements for prospective university students in Botswana 24/7.

Follow our step by step guide to finding all that it entails applying into Botswana universities.

  • Find the program that suits you – please pay attention to the deadlines
  • Gather all the required documents
  • Find out if there are any added requirements with your program of choice
  • Fill the application form online at RocApply
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  • Pass a placement test (optional)

Application requirements

To study in any Botswana institution there are certain requirements that prospective students should meet. Universities in Botswana requires certain documents to process your application for any program you might think of applying for at any level.

Students can apply for full-time or part-time courses depending on what best suits them. It is important for prospective students to show proof that they have completed the previous level of studying before pursuing the next. This is the major determent of whether they are offered a place to study or not.

  • The equivalent qualification of the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) /equivalent qualification with at least six subjects NOT below a grade of E. (convert your qualification to Botswana standards to check if you qualify).
  • The English Language is one of the qualifying subjects as institutions in Botswana use English as a language of instruction.
  • Copy of Application fee receipt
  • Certified copy of National Identity Card
  • Passport

Postgraduate ProgramsMake sure the following documents are readily available

  • Copy of Application fee receipt
  • Certified copy of Degree Certificate (s)
  • Certified Copy of Transcript
  • Two copies of completed Professional/Academic References
  • Certified copy of National Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Personal Statement of Intent for Masters and Proposal/Research Plan for MPhil/PhD

Any additional and/or special ENTRY requirements shall be specified under the program offerings.

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