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When studying in Botswana there is a wide variety of accommodation options that are worth considering for international students. Accommodation plays a very vital role in giving you a full-blown experience as a university student.

It is therefore important to consider what kind of accommodation best suits you. Do your research and prepare for your accommodation before you leave your home country to Botswana.

As you apply with us to an institution you wish to study at, also check the accommodation options that exist around that institution.

Mainly in Botswana, there are two types of accommodation locations and these are off and on campus. It is advisable for students to consider the proximity of their residential area to their university of study before moving in. This might be essential in the case of reducing students’ expenses such as transport and rent.

On-Campus Accommodation

One of the best options to consider when looking for accommodation is the university residence. Campus accommodations usually vary according to the university.

Some provide dormitories while other universities have shared, single rooms and apartments. This option usually comes in very cheap and convenient for a university students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The accommodation fee is usually pegged at rates that are affordable for international students when compared to renting private houses.

Campus residence is just a walk away from lectures, which gives the student ample time to prepare for lectures and more time to visit the library late at night. University campuses in Botswana are safe and secure therefore minimal criminal activities take place.

Campus residences have free Wi-Fi available to them in their dormitories and enjoy catering, on-campus facilities like the gym, cleaning, and health services.

For example at the University of Botswana, other off-campus services such as shopping centers, police stations, hospitals, and embassies are in the proximity of the campus residence. This option is good because students can focus on learning and let the institution worry about the rest.

Accommodation fees differ according to institutions; however, students are expected to pay a range between 5500-8000 Pula. It is advisable to find out from the institution on the fee range, services offered, and type of campus residence.

Applications are made usually made online at specified times for new and returning students every academic year.

Off-Campus Accommodation

In case you are looking at the option of renting off-campus, renting an apartment is one option you might consider. Apartments vary with some being shared accommodation spaces while others are single.

Roc Apply can assist students in finding their desired accommodation according to their specific needs. Staying off campus might come pricey when compared to campus residence, however, it depends on the location, condition and type of residence.

Renting an apartment is an ideal option for those that need a bit of responsibility in their lives (such as paying rent and buying groceries and food) and do not mind self-catering.

Off-campus student's accommodation ranges from as little as 1600Pula per month 2 people sharing, to 2500Pula.


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