Student Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Student Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina

International students are on the rise in Bosnia and Herzegovina with many universities and local communities standing out as a multicultural student environment with individuals from different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. With a very blended student population and an increasing amount of students from over 100 countries, many international programs are available across several campuses with the English Language as the mode of communication, and instruction.

With a very integrated educational system and several affiliations with worldwide universities, students can easily transfer between programs and faculties. Students enrolled in Bosnian universities choose their faculty and program only as an indication of intention, as the students make the final choice at the end of their second year.

Bosnian and Herzegovina is becoming a leading educational and research hub in Central Europe and its importance has been acknowledged by presidents of Turkic nations, the European Union, Serbia, Croatia, and Macedonia giving their stamp to various institutions in the country. Popular faculties in Bosnia include Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Business and Administration, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Education.

Students in the country acquire their education in well-established facilities with an impressive campus and location. 90% of Bosnian institutions have prime locations and easy access to different amenities in their local region. Students have very advanced level education with exceptional tools to succeed and grow and also replicate this in their future endeavors.

One of the highlights of student life in the country is in its unique social and cultural activity that puts together the trio of cultures in the country, where foreign students easily learn about three different ethnic groups and languages all rolled up in a beautiful union that is Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are also many group events organized by all universities to make student life more exciting, some of these events include excursions, field trips, club meetings, sports tournaments, and more.

Since coffee culture is very significant in the country, students spend a lot of their time hanging out at nearby cafes or restaurants or foster friendships by hanging in groups at their student homes or in their dormitories. Sports activities are also very encouraged and rewarded through scholarships, trophies, and medals on many campuses across the nation.

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